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From my first visit on 9/16 to my last visit on 11/15, the dentist and other key staff changed without notification. The office manager changed 3 times (Kimberly, Bryan and Delvecchio).

All of this left me feeling uncomfortable since I was planning to have major work done. Simultaneously, after each visit to ASPEN, I would receive notifications from United Concordia, my dental insurance, stating that procedures performed by ASPEN were ineligible under my plan (which I was not informed in advance). The second office manager, Bryan, assured me that I would not be responsible for services not covered under my plan and the letters from my United Concordia specifically stated that, The Provider has agreed not to bill you for the difference between the PROVIDERS CHARGE and the allowance for this service.

Near the end of November, I informed ASPEN that I wasnt returning, but they continued to leave messages and to schedule me an appointment. I just wanted my account closed but with changes in office managers, they were always too busy to discuss my account and I kept getting conflicting balance amounts that they could not explain or justify.

They went from a 0 balance, to a $600 balance, and today they reported a balance of $222.66. During my initial visit to ASPEN, I qualified for dental financing. But, before the services commenced, ASPEN drew down $2,296.74 from Dental Financing. I made numerous visits to the ASPEN Dental to see the newest office manager, Delvecchio, to close out my account, but he was always busy.

I have left numerous messages for him, but he doesnt return my calls. I was finally able to reach Delvecchio this morning. He quickly snapped that he had refunded $2,000 to the finance company but deducted my pending balance without discussing it with me or receiving my authorization.

Having held the money for 3 months without performing the services, the money should have been returned with interest. I have made a report to the Better Business Bureau for the reimbursement of money that Delvecchio unduly and unethically deducted from my account, along with interest since the money was withdrawn and held in abeyance for services not performed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $373.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Cons: Billed incorrectly, Not very professional, Inexperience of the front end personell and billing, Dentures all look the same.

Location: 4076 Lavista Rd, Tucker, GA 30084

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Been going there lake orion for the last year-and-a-half and I haven't had any problems the staff has been nice and courteous I wasn't happy with certain things and they took care of it so far I've been very satisfied so it just a matter of opinion and what you're willing to go through to have a beautiful smile

@Roni Bre

You sound like a gambler. Do you really want to gamble with your health?

There are only two types of patients at Aspen. 1. Those that have been shafted. 2.

Those that have not been shafted yet.

Great you are still in group #2. Everyone eventually ends up in group #1.


Aspen dental's 3 managers went back the their previous jobs, used car sales and *** stores. When you walk into an aspen dental office, all you smell is sleaze and ripoff.


Aspen's favorite racket is collecting cash up front for dental services to be done in the future. No other dentists do this.

They hope to wear you down trying to recover the money, so you will just give up. You got crummy dental insurance if they want you to go to a *** joint like Aspen. The BBB cannot do anything. Since you chose to go to a corporate clinic not owned by dentist, the state board of dentistry can't do anything either.

Only if the state attorney general gets enough complaints will he do something about Aspen. Like fine them, the same as four other states have.

PLEASE ignore the Prostituting Provider list given by United Concordia. It is more important to have an honest and competent dentist than a cheap dentist!

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