in august of 2010 i agreed to pay $clost to $5000.00 for upper teeth and partiles on bottom that was after aprox 2 weeks later the manager said she was sorry and forgot she had to charge me an additional $700.00 she made a mistake just to let you know since august of 2010 im still fooling with the healed denthers, i can't eat with them if i cough thay fall out if i sollow i sollow the teeth, i had 3 or 4 apoiments noyhing done except .i was made to feel like a pest. i have lupus hep c, and other illnesses i lost 22 lbs and had to go for blood work do to my blood pressure dropping very very low, for 8 months i cannot eat and domt have teeth , so my eating habits have drasticly changed, thay dont care you see im paying ge cahay got my credit through

200.00 a month for teeth i cant wear why are these people in bussiness??? on mon 03-15-2011 at 9am i had my final apoiment when the lady took my 3rd impressions she asked tech is this ok?? he said no the left side has to be redone she waved her had and told me to come back in 2 more weeks, another 2 weeks of not eating normal

i thought thay would be a reputible place and i don't want cheep

thay suck thay should be shut down, ive made many calls with no responce once thay got there money thay are cons and bull shi--ers. please if you have any sence

stay far away from aspin dental

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Naples, Florida, United States #596955

google Dr. Marco Cavallini costa rica, I been there outstanding service and work.


I have insurance that includes Aspen Dental. I spoke with another dentist who is not covered under my plan but whose fees are affordable out of pocket.

Since I pay for my dental insurance I would like to be able to use it, or I might as well drop it. The other dentist gave me a free appointment, explained what would be done how long it would take and what the charges would be be. I cannot get anyone at Aspen to talk to me, other than to schedule an appointment that Im afraid will cost several hundred dollars just for a consultation. It is stressful having to admit the need for dentures.

It is frightening to think of going to a dentist that did not take the patients stress into consideration. Maybe it is the outer office, not the dentist, but the outer office is all most people get to see. I would not chose Aspen Dental if the dentist was as unavailable and cold as the receptionist. I could get no information what so ever from her.

I had to make an appointment, new patient, in order to find out the charges for dentures. No one I could speak to that would answer my questions or talk to me concerning my fears. I'm so annoyed that this is the dental group covered by my insurance. I will cancel the insurance and pay out of pocket before putting up with unacceptable service.

I tried to find customer recommendations on-line but all I could find were negative comments about Aspen,

Same kind of thing. Long waits, lack of communication and concern by office staff, nothing good.

I just don't understand how people can go to work every day and hate their jobs so much that their customers, the people that pay the bills, are treated as a nuisance. What has happened to taking pride in our work and being grateful for being given an opportunity, I just do not get it and pray for something better.


I would only recommend going here if you have A LOT of free time on your hands. I went to the one on Ben C.

Pratt in Ft Myers, Fl as a new patient. I showed up early knowing I would have to fill out the new patient forms. I spent about an hour and a half in the waiting room, finally went in for x rays and waited another 20 mins for the dentist. She spent about 5 mins with me and I spent well over 2 hours there.

No one apologized about my wait. When I called corporate to complain, they did apologize but told me they overbooked & if I didn't want to wait I should be the first appointment in the morning...

Basically I should work my schedule around them. They have no respect for their patients time.


Before you do anything. Learn about your teeth.

Get a dental mirror and look at all of your teeth every day.

Audio record all encounters with your dentist. If they want a lot of work done and want to charge you a lot of money get the info in writing, get copies of all documents and exrays and consult with a dental attorney before anything is done.


I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. Our goal is to provide every patient with high quality care in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful, and I apologize that your visit did not meet those expectations.

Would you be willing to reach out to our Patient Satisfaction team to resolve this? They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or patientservices@aspendental.com.

Vee Rini
to Kasey at Aspen Dental Fort Myers, Florida, United States #587708

I too am very upset But NOT due 2 the employees nor the Dentist. EVERYONE has been so sweet & they bend over backwards 4 me.

My problem is that They just cant seem 2 get my dentures 2 fit me properly. I go 2 the office almost every 2 weeks due 2 mouth sores. I have a lump now on the roof of my mouth which wont go away & can get painful @ times. I keep getting ulcers under my dentures as well as the sides.

I was told by a friend that maybe its from the product that is used 2 make my dentures. That makes sence 2 me because the dentist has had 2 smooth lots of rough spots in my dentures ,but when I get home, another one pops up elsewhere. I am so embarrased 2 eat infront of any one because I cant ***, let alone chew my food without looking like a cow trying 2 chew his food while making sure it dont fall out of it mouth. How nasty is that?

My gums feal like they are on fire at times & My jaw hurts.

FYI these are my 'permenent' teeth & the office @ ben Pratt is always more than happy 2 make appointment for me with a smile! I just cant wait 2 be able to eat like a human being again :)

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