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3 years ago my fiance went to aspen dental. They signed him up for a care credit card to assist for what the insurance did not cover, They FORCED him to see a hygeniest, who said that the foundation was all bad and he had periodontal disease and needed scaling and these treatments.

2 weeks later we get a bill from our insurance company for 500.00 for mouth wash toothpaste and a flipping electric tooth brush REALLLY!!! Well you would figure you live and insurance carrier just changed and my regualr dentist does not accept my new insurance. So I went to aspen dental tonight, after I was looked at not even a freaking cleaning but they were sure to do all kinds of xrays.....I have a 5,000 treatment plan, apparantly I have periodontal disease as well.....HMMMM then the lady said to me its like having bad foundation!!!!

REALLLY is that there slogan !!!! I left there in tears I am calling my normal dentist and having him take a look at me I would rather pay him a 100 then those sons of *** anything !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Twediler, You are exactly right. That's the way it is at Aspen.


Dead on what happened to my wife and I at an Aspen Dental. We thought something was wrong after the initial free appointment, and looked them up.

Terrible rep, and everyone has periodontal disease. The employees are basically forced to do and say this. A guy I went to high school with was my dentist at Aspen. He called me the day after my appointment and explained that I didn't need most of the stuff he recommended.

He couldn't say that with the Business Manager around during my appt. He would have lost his job. Aspen convinces dentists to work for them then forces them to upsell clients. They've given up their private practices and can't go back.

It is really sick! Definitely not recommended.

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