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crystal watson



Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 9:35 AM

I 'm filing a complaint against Dr. Thomas Noakes

I all ready have fear going to the dentist in the first place. I was schedule for August 30 2019 to have my teeth extraction Dr. Andrew was unable to preform the procedure due to a family matter so a Dr. Thomas Noakes filled in for him. He stated who was and the reason why he was their. He started to proceed with let me know that he would be numbing me as he numbing me it felt kind of wear like he was just sticking the needle wherever. So he continue to start extracting my teeth he did let me know that if I felt any pain to rise my hand every thing was going good so far he took a few minute break then started to proceed to what he doing. He had about six more teeth to pull so I rise my hand and he stated to the assist that he could not issue and more pain medicine he went to the front office and when he came back he stated to the assist that he had to pull the last 6 while he was pulling the teeth I was in a lot of pain when he was finish it was time to place the dentures my mouth was full of blood I was in pain he took the dentures and shovel them in my mouth I was unable to talk he just kept shoving them in my mouth I was finally able to push them back and they landed in my lap my paints go all bloody and then they fell on the I was about to *** on my self got to the restroom blood dripping out of my mouth I was finally given so glaze to help stop the bleeding I sat there with the assist she was amazed as well as the office this hole time I was being traumatize by this hole ordeal the assist set there with me just amazed by what happen I was given glaze to take home and a prescription for pain. This hole of ordeal still have me having panic attack nights are hard to sleep because all I can see how this person kept shoving these big teeth in my mouth went I was trying to stop him because of the pain I was having this just add more pain during this time I remember hitting my fist on the chair arm. I don't know what this doctor problem was but this was a devastated experience for me and I'm still having panic attack with this ordeal something need to be done I feel that I should compensate for this ordeal. I'm still going to Dr. Andrew for my dentures they apologize but still it not helping me with my anxiety. The assist was the hole ordeal I don't recall her name. My sister was there with me as well.

User's recommendation: rip out.

Location: Akron, Ohio

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First of all, the word is "There" and not "their." And your spelling declines from there. Look wait until it hurts, then go in to get the tooth extracted instead of saved, and you are bound to suffer.

Plus you select the sleaziest joint in the US for treatment, probably because of a stupid TV commercial. PREDICTION: You will wait until it hurts again before having treatment, then go to another chop shop like Coast Dental.

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