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A couple of months ago I requested a yearly cleaning to Aspen Woburn. The assistant who took my XRay told me she took 35 images of my teeth. The dentist Rebecca Robinson told me I had a periodontitis, and I needed scalping treatment. It brought my attention, because when I asked her how long the periodontitis has been there, she said for at least two years.

The last year when I went to another dentist, she assured me everything was perfectly ok with my teeth’s.

Aspen dentist also said she needed to remove a crown that was previously put by another dentist. Unable to explain the reason why, she indicated, just to make sure everything was ok, and most likely it will need to be replace it. (Again the Aspen dentist was unable to explain why)

At the end of the visit, the budget they make for the scalding treatment was for nearly $1000.00. Unable to afford it on that moment, I asked if we can proceed only for the cleaning, and it was denied for me, arguing that the dentist might lose her license if I don’t get the scalding treatment first, because of the periodontitis I got. Even when I was entitled to get the service, it was denied to me. A week later I was trying to look for a better price for the scalding and went to another dentist. So I asked Aspen for my Xray, they provided me only with eight images.

My crown does not need to be removed “to make sure everything is fine “with it. And obviously, there is no need to be replace it, either.

My daughter also went with this Aspen dentist to get her yearly cleaning and because her wisdom teeth came completely out and was uncomfortable to bite in.

She was also told she got periodontitis. They also make a budget for the extraction of this wisdom teeth that was already out and the budget was over $400.00. Besides that, if she also wanted to have another wisdom teeth to be pulled out, this would cost her only $75.00 ( even if this second wisdom teeth was not out yet, meaning the surgeon would need to open the gum and pull out this wisdom teeth). So when my daughter asked Aspen dentist why the price was so different, the dentist stuttered and was just unable to provide an explanation. So then my daughter show her our benefit summary details and this indicates my insurance covered 80% of the cost for the wisdom teeth extraction, and 30% for the anesthesia used on it. So we couldn’t understand how the price vary over more than 300% on the same procedure. I guess this price difference has all to do with the discomfort of the wisdom teeth out vs. the other one still in.

The yearly cleaning was also denied to my daughter (even when she is entitled to get it, and was the purpose of this appointment) for the same reason, my daughter also got periodontitis according only to this dentist

My daughter and I do not have periodontitis, our gums are perfectly healthy. Aspen made this up because of its lack of ethic and hungriness to get revenue from whoever gets there. Aspen also dares to deny the prevention services that we have the right to get as is the case for yearly cleaning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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First of all, it is "scaling" & root planing, not "scalding" (with hot water) or "scalping" (like Indians did in old-fashioned Westerns.)Yeah, pretty much everyone who has gone there knows A$pen does unnecessary treatment to its victim-patients. It happens because the company is owned by Wall Street investors instead of licensed dentists.

I one had a college student who came to me after being planned for 13 fillings. He had no decay in his mouth at all.The average x-ray series is 18-20 films.

Nobody take 35 images unless their aim is very bad and they have to do a lot of retakes.A$pen is the bottom of the barrel. Tell all your friends!

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