5231 University Pkwy Unit 120, Bradenton, FL 34201, USA
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I am on Social Security Disability. It should come as no surprise that money is very tight.

So when I had to have full dentures put in (which family paid for because I couldn't) we bought their best set they offered. It came with a7 year warranty. After two years they chipped. When I went to the office on University parkway in Sarasota FLi was told that I needed to pay$181 dollars before they would do the warranty work.

Thier is no way I can afford this and really I don't understand how you can charge for warranty work. When I bought these I did so expressly because of the warranty. It seems to me that this is a breach of contract. And when they were telling me this it was like they were trying to embarrass me by telling me really loudly in front of the other patients in the office.

People just better off this office as they have no respect for patients or their privacy.i will say this. I think they did a good job on the dentures themselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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The "Best A$pen offers" is not nearly as good as the worst denture the average independent dentist makes on a really bad day.A$pen's ComfyJunk dentures are made out of a flexible material for no good reason other than to fleece patients out of more money. The nylon-like material does not bond that well to denture teeth so they frequently pop out.

Another bad thing about them is they are difficult to impossible to reline.You are old news, now, grandpa. The shysters got your money. Try to corner them with their worthless "warranty." You will not get anywhere.

And guess what? Because you used a clinic illegally owned by investors who are not dentists, your state Board of Dentistry cannot do a thing to help!Bad mistake going to a flim-flam outfit like A$pen for dentures instead of an experienced and honest independent dentist.

@Seasoned Dentist

Thanks for making me feel worse. But my dentures don't have a lining.

So I fought you know what your leave me alone about. Crawl back under whatever robotic rock you escaped from and


Didn't say your dentures had a lining. You can extend the life of regular acrylic dentures over the years by a lab reline after your gums and bone shrinks.

I have seen dentures maintained for 25 years this way until the teeth finally wear down.

You can't do this with A$pen's Comfyjunk dentures. That is why in reality they are inferior, not superior, to heat-processed acrylic dentures.