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Aspen Dental has been known to lie in chart notes.

By law you are entitled to review your records from any medical or dental clinic. Do yourself a BIG favor;

if you have been a victim of Aspen Dental demand today that they provide a full print out of ALL your records.

What they did in my chart is made up stories about how I was acting which ultimately helped them when the dental board reviewed my claim.

Lying comes easy for Aspen Dental at least in my story. They blatantly lied to make themselves look good, and had they not provided a copy of my records I never would have known.

Protect yourself, make sure they didn't do the same covering up to your records too. Call their clinic today and tell them you want your records!

User's recommendation: ask for your chart notes today!

Monetary Loss: $16000.

Preferred solution: Settlement for the money they owe me..

Location: 1759 North Riverside Avenue, Medford, OR 97501

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They will Bill your insurance for every penny and then they will take as much of your money as they can get . If you don't question their billing, they will keep increasing the costs and take all your money.

Once they get all of your money, it is difficult to get an appointment. Look somewhere else if you want a good dentist.

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