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I started going to Aspen Dental in January 2011. Over the years and heridity issues I needed upper dentures and a lower partial.

Now mind you I have NEVER had an overbite. In Feburary I had all my upper teeth pulled and a temperary denture put in the same day. Two weeks later I had to point out the defect with them.

It is now almost the end of March and Aspen has disfigured my face, I have an overbite that is probably 1/4inch or larger and they overlap my bottom teeth. I eat soft mushy foods and have lost over 25 pounds.

I now have to go to another dentist so they can fix Aspen's mess.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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i went to aspen dental to have 4 teeth on top front and 1 on bottom front repaired as two were broken and the dentist told me i would need root canals on all of them and fillings all over. the dentist then talked me into pulling the front 4 top teeth and put a partial denture there until i could get permanent implants installed.

so i got a root canal on the bottom broken tooth that went fine then 2 days later i went back to get the other 4 done to find out that they planned on puling 8 of my teeth again they told me it needed to be done. now i have 4 missing teeth on the upper front right in the middle and a denture that dose'nt fit im missing 4 molers i cant eat talking sounds awful and i look like a freak all of wich i did not want! and the "dentist" told me that i was done and i was'nt getting implants like i agreed to in the first place.

they have scarred me for life if it takes the rest of my life they will pay for this i assure you i have already contacted my attorney he is appauled at this and persuing litigation oh yeah did i mention im only 39 unbelieveable. :( :(

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