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If you are looking for a corporate strip-mall dental company, where you will see a different dentist and hygenist every visit, this is the right dental office for you. Also, if you enjoy being asked to buy extra products (mouth guard, flouride, etc.) every visit, you will thoroughly enjoy this dentist office.

If you enjoy at least six different teeth x-rays your first visit, this dentist office will make you giddy). On top of that, if you enjoy not having your dental benefits adequetly addressed when you receive an extra treatment, Aspen Dental of Clarksville is the choice for you!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: pricing, poor customer service, misguided information, long wait time.

Monetary Loss: $31.

I liked: Staff were ok.

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I went there this morning as I don't have a dentist (new in town). I have a cracked tooth or missing filling (not sure).

They told me they might be able to seem sometime today or I could schedule to come in tomorrow morning when they (once again) MIGHT be able to see me. I noticed the lack of continuity in the office and the growing crowd in the waiting room. I felt like I was entering a drive through where I had never eaten before and the food was going to be bad.

I found a dentist around the corner who took me in right away and did an entire workup on my mouth, all in about one hour. Thank you for scaring me away Aspen!

to Broken Tooth #1380692

Any time an potential A$pen victim can be saved from being butchered and impoverished by unnecessary treatment charged up front on credit cards, it is worth it writing all these posts!


If Ronald McDonald represents McDonald's, I guess it is the Hamburgler that should best represent Aspen.

to TruthTeller #1377948

yes, aspen dental will put the meat between your buns if you go there!


Good morning, Mr. Patient!

It's your lucky day!

McX-rays and McExams are free today. Would you be interested?

After that we offer McScalings, and have a buy-one-McFilling-get a McCrown half off.

We got a McPayment Plan for that.

But sometimes the new McCrowns come all the way off. Don't worry, there is no extra charge when that happens.


After spending an hour getting my xrays taken and having the dr examine me, I waited in the chair for another 30 minutes and finally asked for the bathroom location. The billing girl finally told me the dentist recommended a deep cleaning she had to schedule that and it would cost $1550! Another ripoff!

to Ira Katz #1377210

I know a guy that went there with toothache and was told he needed a $2,500 cleaning first!

to Ira Katz #1377228

Yeah, but we did not charge you for directions to the bathroom, nor for using the bathroom. So quit complaining!


I agree 100% Seasoned Dentist, McDonalds is head and shoulders above Aspen Dental!

to Herbie5659 #1377231

I thought head and shoulders was a shampoo!


Aspen ruins going to Mcdonald's too for people. How can you even enjoy eating at mcdonald's when your teeth are jacked up.

You won't have any money left for a burger after aspen gets all your money.

Aspen dental finds a way to screw over mcdonald's too. True bastards.


At least McDonald's delivers tasty, if not healthy food products. And I have always been treated promptly and honestly at that hamburger joint.

A$pen serves up mediocre treatment at best, and at worst complete butchery.

And you wait a long time for it. (Especially if you pay for treatment in advance, they they want you to.) Honesty?

Well, just try to get a legitimate credit balance refunded.

A$pen offers pawn shop quality with time-share condo sales fervor. That's the best anyone could say of it.

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