takata and flicka at mt Dora office both young dentist just out of college most likely and they both don't know what they are doing not even a simple denture fitting 2nd denture still not right both dentist gave it a try now i have been told i have to go some where else to have it done "RIGHT"

some DENTIST that knows how to make a simple denture fit what a "sad place ASPEN DENTAL IS" my son had a filling put in a upper tooth. that night it fell out we took him some where else .filling still in.its been 4 months now

I'm fighting to get a refund on the dentures they tried to make 2500.00 its been for ever and still no luck. "EVERYONE BEWARE OF MT DORA AREA"

and the office manager not even nice not even she is a .....

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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A class action suit is already under way. Contact email: Dr.Bleckstein@gmail.com


call their corp office in new york and file a state complaint. I smell a class action suit in the future for all the patients aspen dental has victimized. it's not just their young doctors the older ones are the bottom of the rung too.

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