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Woke up twice during wisdom (4) extraction. Never once did the oral surgeon stop/pause until I was out again. I was actually told to be quiet; apparently I was yelling. I could hear myself, no one was responding, so I didn't know THEY could hear me.

Now I'm being sent another bill because they had to use more anesthesia (via IV) than planned.

I was told by a staff member that one assistants sole job is to stare at the monitor to make sure waking up doesn't happen during surgery. She told me her horror story during a surgical procedure... Told me to relax and rest easy. Keep in mind, this all happened AFTER being rescheduled and moved around appointment times 4 times previous to the surgery. 4, then 2. 3... Then 2. Back to 3. Oops, they meant 4.) Before heading back to the operating room, I was told the surgeon still planned on being done and out of the office by 6:00. (I didn't go back to the room until 4:45.)

So, is that why when I came to, twice, he didn't stop working for a minute to reassure me and let me fall back under anesthesia?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Got an upper partial & some dental work to the top & bottom. Temp & permanent partials were fine.

Problem was w/the service. Being my first partial, they gave me a care package, but no verbal or written care instructions? I had to ask. Even then, the tech had to ask someone.

Same tech when doing the 2nd mold for the permanent set, did it w/the temp set still in. I asked her if they had to come out first? She had to go ask again. These issues I could deal with.

When doing the cleaning & irigating, the pain level was in between a 7 & 9 the entire time. When I would barely flench or move my head when the pain level reached a 9 (a 41 year old man on the *** of tears mind you) the tech would get an attitude & tell me not to move. That's when I finally told her that I was maxed out pain wise, and that the entire procedure had hurt.

All 10 of em. Had a lot of work done.


They tried to charge me $1100 just to clean my teeth and tried to get me to buy a $125 tooth brush and and said it would take 3 or 4 appointment s to get this heavy cleaning done . I have insurance that covers preventative care so I switched to different dentist got my check up and cleaning nothing wrong with my teeth . Aspen dental never again

Tupelo, Mississippi, United States #1009721

What purpose is your photo supposed to serve? It is normal to be swollen after hard wisdom tooth extractions!

to Sam #1009784

Sam- the purpose it serves is to show people that I am a human being who actually went through the procedure. That I'm not sitting here writing bogus reviews and being mean.

I have been through enough, so take your negativity elsewhere.

I ended up being transported from Waterloo to Iowa City last night; swelling was down my neck, to my collar bone- so if you would have patience and maybe sit back down on the attitude of yours, you could patiently wait for my photo updates.

Swelling IS normal. Bruising IS normal. Not being able to swallow or BREATHE is NOT normal.

Again- this has been scarring enough.

Please step back and realize adding attitude doesn't help me.

Thanks. Update: I will be going in to discuss all issues regarding my surgery with my regular dentist today.

to Cassieann0624 Tupelo, Mississippi, United States #1009845

You did not say anything about not being able to breathe in your original post. All you talked about was sedation not working completely, and your appointment times being honored.

to Cassieann0624 #1009997

Yuk! Hate this happened to you.

to Cassieann0624 Hollywood, California, United States #1010310

U culd apply for a job as a chipmunk.

to Chippy #1010329

I just need to voice! ;-)

to Cassieann0624 #1042087

Cassie... Seasoned Dentist down there is correct, you should not have been put under, there are so many more complications that can happen.


WOW!! is all that i can say.

They treated you with no respect!!! You need to file a complaint against this horrible place.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1009474

Strange that with sedation, an amnesiac like Valium is usually given, so the patient forgets everything that happen.

Some people are unpredictable to sedate. You might be one of them.

Incidentally, I take impacted wisdom teeth out all the time with oral Valium, laughing gas, and local anesthetic.

Complete surgical anesthesia is really overkill, unless you had some very unusual circumstances.

I don't understand.

You had this done at a hospital, and not an A$pen Dental clinic? If so, why are you posting it as an A$pen Dental complaint?

You would do much better going to most any private dental practice instead of this sleazy corporate chain.

to Seasoned Dentist Waterloo, Iowa, United States #1009546

It was done at a clinic; an actual Aspen Dental Clinic. Friday to be exact, here in Iowa.

to Cassieann0624 Maryland, United States #1011063

R U ok?

to Anonymous #1042131

I am okay now. I ended back up in the ER after moving to Cali in mid August...

due to another abscess occurring. After a strong dose of antibiotics shot into my rear, being prescribed additional antibiotics, and then scraping food out of my gums that the (Aspen) dentist told me wasa 'blood clot that turns into fiber tissue (or whatever the technical term is), and then finally into bone... and waiting a few days for the swelling to go down again... I'm alright.

Praying now that I just stay that way. Thank you for asking.

to Seasoned Dentist Kent, Washington, United States #1011239

I've received Valium and other amnesiac sedatives and they don't work on me -- I retain memories of the entire thing and normally wake up during regular sedation -- therefore they have to bring out the big guns when it comes to sedating me. I've woken up during 4 procedures already.

Unlike with this poor woman, I was reassured each time and put back to sleep before they continued.


Sounds scary , you need to have it looked into.

to Anonymous #1009560

Yes , I need to sue them bastards.

to Anonymous Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1009790

Sue them for what???? Not being able to completely sedate a patient is no offense.

It happens. She isn't entitled to a day in court and big bucks because she chose a sleazebag clinic for treatment and they could not keep her sedated.

Trust me on this one. Legal damages depend on PERMANENT injuries.

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