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I started going to Aspen having no idea that there could possibly be be dentist that do business in the manner they do. I had enough issues that I started looking into them, to my horror and surprise, they are a rip off.

Even worse than being a rip off they are unethical. Now I have paid enough money in advance that I am pretty much stuck continuing to go or I will lose $. I am at the point of receiving my permanents. Had my impressions done and they used my existing dentures(tops are 14 years old and bottoms are full temps) to make impressions instead of using the standard tray for impressions.

I have been considering cutting my losses and moving on but would lose about 1400.00 at this point. I will be doing a full review later. My question now is for any seasoned dentist that might hopefully read it an accepted practice to use my existing dentures as a tray for permanent dentures. In case it makes a difference my top denture fits pretty well but the bottom, made by Aspen has been a nightmare....will this effect the final outcome?

Ready to move on and cut my losses. Thanks for any help making my decision!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Regular staff.

I didn't like: Dentist and, Dental prosthetist.

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A dentist can use the upper denture for an impression tray, but there are several disadvantages to doing it this way. Let us just say it is usually not the best way to do it.

Initial impressions are VERY important to the fit of a denture. Most good dentists: 1. Take an INITIAL impression with alginate and make a cast. 2.

They fabricate a CUSTOM impression tray off this cast. 3. After the patient has left their denture out for 8 hours, they take the final impression in this custom tray, using polyether or polyvinylsiloxane impression material. 4.

Small impression defects can be remedied with impression wax. 5. The palatal seal (essential for an upper denture) can be likewise formed by impression wax.

Here is the important part.

No honest dentist wants ALL the money for dentures up front. They usually divide the payments up between the 5 or 6 appointment it takes to make the dentures.

A$pen is a cash-strapped corporate clown club and never wants to give any money back unless forced to do it in court.

to Seasoned Dentist #1373953

Thank-you for your response. I am usually a VERY informed shopper but had no idea that there were dentist that do business in this unethical manner.

I think that is why so many people fall into the trap. I am paying cash, knew better than to open any kind of account with them.

Was hesitant about money up front but also know they probably get scammed by the public and have a need to CYA. Very well learned lesson.

to Anonymous #1374264

It is not the dentists that perform in unethical matters. It is WALL STREET PRIVATE EQUITY *** (in A$pen's case, Leonard Green & Partners LLC) that behave in an unethical manner.

And on occasion they force young, highly-indebted dentists to behave unethically as well.

Here is a tip for you. Any health professional that is forced to advertise on radio or TV to get enough patients is almost always a hustler and a crook.

to Seasoned Dentist #1374308

I appreciate your comments but NOBODY is forced to behave in a certain manner, they make the choice. I understand your point, but, you are just as much at fault if you are the driver of a getaway car at a robbery as the robbers are.

Yes, I now know about the advertising thing, have read it many times in your comments. This type of dentistry is new to the general public, who would even suspect it

if never heard of.

to Seasoned Dentist #1374143

Aspen uses regular green stock trays and rubber base to make impressions. It is fun to sit there and watch the patients *** and half choke to death waiting for that stinking , nasty impression to set up.

to Anonymous #1374473

That is really funny. Last time I used rubber base was in dental school in the 1970s.

A$pen is a little behind the times.

Anything to save a few dimes on an impression. Let me guess- they don't pour up the impression with plaster in the office, just have the lab do it after the material has had time to distort.

If some klutz is going to use stock impression trays for final denture impressions, they might as well save the patient the gagging and just use alginate like all the other cheesy denture places do.

to Seasoned Dentist #1396268

That happened to me, too. They ended up having to do a second impression, with not as much, I got gagged twice..

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