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First off the staff was very friendly. I went in for a cracked tooth with pulp clearly exposed. The dentist put a temporary filling in that hurt. So he took it out and said its ok, my patients usually come back in 1-2 days later and say the filling fell out. Then I was told I might need to see an Endodontist (with a print out of phone numbers to call), because I could possibly need a root canal, which even I knew I did with the pain I was experiencing and my pulp showing. They should have called an office with an Endodontist and made an appointment for me, it is their job to do since they can't provide the service that I need. I am a military wife and this kind of "service" is not acceptable nor should anybody ever go there (Watertown,NY Office). They charged me $66 and I have no idea what they charged my dental insurance. I called my insurance and I am disputing the charge and telling them (my insurance) to fight the charges and to tell their patients not to go to Aspen Dental. They spend more money on their TV Ads then on quality dental work. Now it is Friday afternoon and my husband knew a good endodontist and I can get in on Monday, which wont come soon enough. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS "DENTAL OFFICE".


Angry and in PAIN Customer!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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What does being a military wife have to do with it?


Is you kidding me? They should call the endodontist for you?

Why? You can't talk? Are you mentally or physically handicapped? It hjas nothing to do with service!

YOU neglected YOUR teeth, they can't help you, and now you want them to do ytour job for you by calling the endodontist? You need to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible!