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Do not go here!!! Want cause I had a tooth ache.

I was told by aspen that I needed two crowns & a root canal. I opted to have an extraction done rather than a root canal & set up the date. Then took the day off work not an easy thing for me. The day of an hr and a half before the called me to cancel the extraction.

Vacation day wasted!! So then I still had a tooth ach and now burnt my last day off and had to find someone who was open later. Tried to get my X-rays from aspen; those X-rays came from my last dentist they did not take the images. What they gave me we unusable photo copies of x-rays & blatantly refused to give them back to me.

Went to this new dentist/oral surgeon. He told me I needed to stop grinding my teeth and didn't need any of the work aspen insisted I needed. So no extraction and no $700.00 bill after insurance to fix my teeth. Money grubbing thieves!!

do not go there!!

Oh and I just got a bill for my office visit/ consultaion for work they never did too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Aren't you glad those maggots cancelled your appointment! Because of that, you still have your tooth!

You have got to remember, the young, inexperienced dentist who get sucker into the A$pen vortex are often not up to speed with diagnosis.

In your case, they could not tell occlusal trauma from a pulpitis!

If I am not mistaken, this vipers have already been reprimanded by your state attorney general once. If I were you, I would report these hijinx to the Pennsylvania state attorney general.

He might be interested in revisiting their case.

Remember: In the future, if you make the mistake of using another investor-owned corporate chain clinic, your state dental board cannot do much to help you. PLEASE find an experienced dentist in private practice with a reputation for competence and honesty.

Also, get a *** guard made for your grinding, before you break a tooth!