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I just thought I'd let you all know that adding your experiences is very helpful to other people.

I have an issue for which I need dental care. Contacted my dental insurance for local preferred providers, and they only listed two--one being Aspen Dental. I'm leery of any medical business that pushes discount services in huge expensive TV/print ads, but I'm in a relatively rural area and choices are limited.

I called to make my appointment. I told them I was in pain and wanted to have the tooth fixed. I was told I could not be seen for three days, and the appointment would be for a free exam and x-rays, and they would determine then when I should come back for treatment. They then asked for my insurance information, and then asked for my and my spouse's social security numbers. I told them I did not use my SSN for medical purposes, and was immediately put on hold. After waiting for five minutes, I was told that they could not accept my dental insurance without social security numbers. I informed this lady that I never had any trouble having my claims submitted without a SSN; she said they did, and I needed to provide a credit card number to guarantee payment of services--right there over the phone.

I told her that I needed to consult my dental provider. I called the dental insurance company, and was told they *never* required social security numbers on claim forms or to pay out benefits. While on the phone I found this site and others confirming what I thought about a business that invested so much money in TV/print ads for cheap dental services.

Needless to say, I called Aspen Dental back and canceled the appointment. When asked why, I told the same lady that the dental insurance confirmed they did not need the SSN, and I certainly was not going to provide them with access to my credit card when 1)insurance would cover treatment and 2)no service was performed as yet; and it was apparent Aspen Dental engaged in fraudulent billing practices, and that I lodged a complaint with the dental insurance company. The receptionist promptly hung up on me. :-)

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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