I just moved to DSM and this was the first "dentist" I tried. It's really like going to a Jiffy Lube (but not as fast). I went in expecting a clean and a checkup. Instead, I was told that I needed 5 fillings, a possible root canal, a $600 mouth guard to sleep with, and no cleaning. It had only been 6 months since my last check up so it was all hard to believe. I wasted 2 hours of time really didn't have and my insurance was billed $160 for my "Free X-rays" and "Free" initial exam.

Also, it was really off-putting to be able to hear a manager (a manager in a dentist office?) talk the entire time about money, scheduling, and vacation time. Unprofessional to say the least. I don't think I'll ever let them cut on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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Wow that must be the go-to-plan of aspen dental because everything that they said you needed they told me I needed. What a wasted day today messing around with this place.

I need my four wisdom teeth out and they were ready to rush me through to get it done because a surgeon happened to be there this week. I felt it was too rushed. What I wanted was a cleaning today and what I got was a scraped up mouth from someone who did not know how to do the xrays as well as a $60 "cancer screening".

2 1/2 hours later I'm back to square one! Thanks Aspen Dental!


Our goal is for every patient to have a positive experience, so I’m really disappointed to hear that your visit didn't meet that expectation.

Regarding the free exam and X-ray, that offer is available to patients without dental insurance, and I apologize if that wasn't communicated to you in advance of your appointment.

Would you be willing to talk in greater detail to our Patient Satisfaction group to see whether they can help? This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and is trained to help resolve these types of issues. They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or patientservices@aspendental.com.


Before you do anything. Learn about your teeth.

Get a dental mirror and look at all of your teeth every day.

Audio record all encounters with your dentist. If they want a lot of work done and want to charge you a lot of money get the info in writing and consult with a dental attorney before anything is done.

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