Aspen Dental was to refund me over $2300. I was told on 11/11/09 that it would take 3 weeks for the refund to be credited ro my card.

Here we are, over 2 months and still no credit. I called the Newburgh NY office were services were provided (terrible work I might add) and was given a song and a dance about the money due me and they would call Corporate and find out, blah blah blah, still waiting.

They suck. If you need any dental work done, go see a professional, not these clowns that they hire.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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i just got the same deal, but i didnt go back yet but cancal today, i hope they dont bill mme for what was a free xray and ex, omg he said i had perio and my bill came to 2150 he said it was the anti botitics thats cost so much, hmmmm and smile and said do you want on cridet and checked and i got 5000 credit in 2 mins omg, what red flaged me was he said sould we add it to the card now, im like what i said noway,as we go ok i want to see charges, he flowned,dont go there im waiting now for my free bill hahaha what a joke, the dentest was 26 and only looked in my mouth for 1 min, omg and they will put a roto dent on your bill too and other ***, ill post more as i see what happpens


I went to Aspen Dental in Rome NY for a crown, and a filling in between # 11 and 12. When the dentist cemented the permanent crown, he was extremely rough.

He did not use novacain, and I was in the worst dental pain I have ever experienced. He filled between #'s 11 and 12 with a metal filling, which showed when I talked or smiled. It look like I had a cavity or food between my teeth ! He also did not check to ensure that there was adequate space between the teeth for flossing before I left.

Every time I flossed, the floss would catch on the filling and the gum would bleed. After several attempts to get a subsequent appointment and not have to wait for two hours in the waiting room, ( for which they are also notorious ) I finally got another appointment. I was told that the main reason I had to wait was because the dentist was running behind because they had a "difficult extraction" that took longer than expected, and they didn't get to have any lunch yet. So...

they went to lunch !! Once I got in, the second dentist there replaced the bad filling with a tooth colored filling. When I got home, I noticed that I still had problems with floss getting caught on what seemed to be a ridge on the filling. The following week while flossing, the filling broke right off.

I called Aspen and asked for the office manager, she was not in. I told the receptionist what happened. She did not even ask if I wanted to come in. I assumed she was going to have the office manager call me right back.

This was on a Friday afternoon. I did not receive a call from them until Monday. I asked if they had emergency slots or cancellations and she said no. We mutually agreed on appointment for several days later, but the day before my appointment I started to experience pain, and the gum around the tooth became red and swollen.

I was afraid that I was getting an infection. I called them again requesting an antibiotic or to get me in sooner. They did not have any openings, and REFUSED to prescribe me an antibitotic. I became fed up and decided to go back to my previous dentist to have him fix the tooth, which cost me an additional $120.00.

He said that the gum around the tooth was on the *** of infection. I suffered anxiety, loss of work, and pain because of their incompetence. Because they refuse to reimburse me anything at all, I am writing warn others about Aspen Dental. A complaint was registered with the BBB.

The bottom line is, my experience with Aspen Dental was nothing but TERRIBLE. They make their patients wait for hours, are over priced and in my experience they're dental services were incompetent.

I know others who were treated similarly and are furious with them. STAY AWAY from them !


I went to the Ridge Park Square office

7351 North cliff Avenue

Brooklyn, OH 44144

Very un-professional when it comes to a complaint from the customer. Go somewhere else and use your insurance plan. These folks love your benefits until there gone. Go elsewhere. They are vultures as soon as you say you have dental insurance.

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