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Well I've spent 9000 dollars in dental work it's going to cost me 4000 more to fix their work. I tried to deal with an unreasonable person, I was willing to split the cost even forget about the 1000 I already lost to get me back whole again.

They had a reagonal manager call me I called and talk to him he said he would call me back in 45 minutes or so that was 7 days ago. Why is this such a hard thing to do. This kind of treatment upsets people and I'm the one that gets upset, but when you spend 9000 and your like the third customer when they opened you basically paid wages for a couple months. I've had to back and have so much stuff fixed it's ridiculous one tooth broke twice, when I went in that wasn't a problem tooth but soon became one after they worked and ground it down.

Then the female in charge said well you refused to buy the bight guard, this was after the tooth broke it should have been caught in the beginning I would have bought it.

Not a year later when I could have financed it. I bought a mouth guard from Walmart like another girl told me to do that worked in the front desk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Those store-bought mouth guards protect somewhat, but they are really rough compared to dentist-fabricated ones.

A$pen is a calamity of managers trying to avoid giving refunds, trying to excuse substandard dentistry, trying just to get angry patients off their back, and trying to deal with constant turnover of burned out dentists and staff. A$pen's goal is to wear you down so they can just keep your money and you will pay to have a legitimate dentist clean up their messes.

Utter chaos occurs in every office trying to get new suckers in the door and disgruntled former patients off their back. I can't imagine what it is like to deal with all the patient complaints and lawsuits at corporate headquarters.

That is why many times they just stop answering the phone.

Call it quits now, because the more treatment they do on you, the more your mouth will be messed up. PLEASE seek honest and competent dentists in your area by recommendation of REAL PEOPLE YOU MEET, and not by TV ads or online reviews.

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