East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

I had an appointment with the hygienist for a cleaning and when I got to the office after driving for an hour to get there she was not there. I was told that she left early and I did not even get a phone call about that.

I was also told by the dentist that my last wisdom tooth had a cavity in it and it need to be pulled out. They also told me that I needed three crowns. It is two years later and I still have my wisdom tooth and it does not hurt at all. Who is the smart one now?

The dentists there try to get you to get procedures done that you do not need just to get your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I got my wisdom teeth and four crowns done here. I was told my insurance would cover everything but the sedation witch I payed for.

A few months later I get two different bills and none of them add up . So now I have a $1400 bill. My teeth are also worse off anytime drink warm cold or sweet things my teeth are now in pain.

Tried to contact billing but it never goes threw and I just get hung up on. I guess the only way to talk to anyone is to contact corporate.


Why on earth would you drive one hour to go to a sleazy dental clinic like that when there is abundance of good dentists in private practice everywhere in the United States?

Can't comment on the crowns, but just because a wisdom tooth does not hurt does not mean it is free of cavities. In 99% of humans, it is a mistake to leave wisdom teeth in the mouth. Invariably, they develop gum disease around them, and jeopardize the health of the 2nd molars.


AspenMental wanted me to have 2 root canals, and 2 Bridges and 12 teeth pulled, dentures. I thoght they were/are f......n crazy.

I got in touch with a "real" dentist and he said the only canal I need is to visit the Panama canal, and the only bridge I need is to visit the Golden Gate bridge on my next vacation. AspenMental is crazy! Not to mention I don't need 12 teeth pulled, or dentures. AspenMental is f....ked up!

Don't they realize that dentures are gross. AspenMental needs to tell everyone that Dentures are gross. And expensive. Before anyone gets any tooth pulled by AspenMental, please get a 2nd opinion from a private dentist.

Your teeth are your teeth.

They are your teeth! Don't let AspenMental take them from you.