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Yes, I fell for the free x-rays and checkup. After that, was sent to the Office Mgr and was told I needed deep cleaning on 2 sections of the upper mouth and was quoted almost $1,000!

I finally setted for around $300. Had appts scheduled and then had an infection in one of my teeth and took antibiotics. I tried to go in for just a regular cleaning and do the deep cleaning at another time and they REFUSED !!! They would not give me a regular cleaning stating they have to do the deep cleaning first (which cost more).

I told them I would schedule that a few weeks later after my tooth calmed down..they still refused.

After an hour drive to the office for an appt and refusal of treatment - I walked out. DON'T GO THERE -- all they want is high cost treatments for patients !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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I recently visited Aspen Dental after years of taking pain medications due to back injury and then multiple surgeries. My teeth had began to turn black and then fall out.

They were so very kind to me. I was so embarrassed and had previously been so proud of my teeth. The medications had literally killed my teeth. They referred me to an oral surgeon because I had to have them removed in the hospital, offered me several different options for dentures and payment plans that worked for me and with my insurance.

The oral surgeon stated the dentist from Aspen was right on the money. All has been taken care of and their after care with my temporary dentures is incredible.

I would recommend Aspen Dental in Steubenville to ANYONE WHO NEEDED ANYTHING DONE WITH THEIR TEETH. Thank you Aspen Dental for saving me from years of pain and anguish.


Sorry I mean X_rays not trays. Lol auto correct.

Go get your free X_rays and then go back and buy them.

They are only $5 a page. Then you will save $100 at a regular private dentist.


That is completely ridiculous! Who sues over gum disease?

The healthcare in this country is has become so out of reach for any normal person a regular cleaning is a privilege, not a necessity. I have been to quite a few dentists and I haves never heard of "deep cleaning". Aspen quoted me over 7000and dollars and 620that it was to pull one tooth! They are outrageous and just trying to prey on people to make a profit.

I've been to another dentist and the best oral surgeon in my city and they both agreed that $620I was obserd to pay to have a tooth pulled and said that Aspen has been their best advocate since they rolled into town.

Just go to a regular dentist.I do have to say that they were nice and they are letting me pick up my trays to take to another dentist and for cheap too. Go get your trays and then go get a second opinion.


What you call a "regular cleaning" is pretty much just removal of calculus and plaque above the gums. Deep cleaning is to remove the calculus BELOW your gums.

So now, is hygienist supposed just to leave all the junk under your gums and polish it?

And then get sued by you because you teeth start falling out due to gum disease? Just because they diagnose you with something you have to pay for, doesn't mean they are not right.


Its like polishing a dirty car. DOESNT WORK. CLEAN EVERYTHING with a good detail job then go for a $4 car wash....

Teresa C

Keep watching this site for new submittals from me. I am going to band us all together and stop these people.