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Aspen dental reported to my 18 year old grandson that he had gingivitis! He has never had swollen red gums or complained of any type of bleeding when brushing his teeth, and takes immaculate care of his teeth.

The dentist went on to say oh, yes you also need to get your wisdom teeth out quickly! Last but not least she also said he had two small cavities. They quickly prepared a dental plan, immediately that day, scammed over one hundred dollars telling me they were going to treat the gingivitis, and clean his teeth! When he came out, the first false statements began!

They said oh no we are going to clean his teeth when he comes back in for wisdom teeth removal. They had initially told us that they would do all three procedures in one visit ! Second visit was just removal of wisdom teeth! When I ask about all three procedures being included in the plan they had prepared, No, I misunderstood!

Two people, me and an eighteen year old do not both misunderstand! When we inquired about his appointment to repair his small cavities and ask why they had lied about everything, theh told me I was not allowed to discuss his dental experience. I reminded them that I was able to pay his expenses while accompanying him to his appointments! They have yet to contact him or me with the dental appointment to repair the small cavities!

Why?! Because they falsify documents to get people to pay for unnecessary treatments! ASPEN DENTAL IN KINGSPORT TENNESSEE ON STONE DRIVE IS THE BIGGEST RIP OFF IN DENTISTRY!

The board of Denistry needs to be contacted regarding this company falsifying documents to collect on a patients dental insurance, plus they quoted over $350.00 for additional expenses not included by his dental plan! Aspen dental needs to have a quick audit !

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Unfortunately, your State board of dentistry cannot do a thing about A$pen because they are operating illegally anyway. Their modus operandus is to claim they just "manage" the practice for the dentist who "owns" it.

That is a lie. Write to your state legislator. Demand your board of dentistry pass ownerships tests so corporations cannot get away with this scam. THERE IS NO WAY FOR A BOARD OF DENTISTRY TO PUNISH AN OFFICE WORKER OR EXECUTIVE WHO DOES NOT HAVE A DENTAL OR DENTAL HYGIENE LICENSE.

A$pen managers can steal all they want with impunity!

Few 18 year olds have gum disease unless they have really poor oral hygiene. The most common A$pen scam is to upcode to "Scaling and root planings" to filch more money from patients who really just need routine cleanings.

PLEASE verify that the boy's cavities are even there before the vultures at this corporate chop shop drill on his teeth! I once saw a college student with THIRTEEN fillings planned by A$pen, an the boy had NO DECAY!

One thing is right, though. 18 year old are legally adults.

HIPAA forces us to ask their permission before we discuss treatment with a parent. Yes, I know it is stupid but it is the law.


Some advice: take him to a dentist in private practice in your area, one not affiliated with a dental mill like Aspen and pay for an exam to see about the wisdom teeth extractions necessity and also the two small cavities Aspen claims he has. Plus, of course ask about their gingivitis diagnosis.

Wisdom teeth don't necessarily need to be extracted unless they are or will in the future give him a problem. Many dentists like to tell you your need your wisdom teeth out, but that's not true in reality. He is now 18 and a good dentist will be able to tell you not only if the wisdom teeth are now a problem and the prognosis for a problem in the future as his adult teeth are pretty-much formed at his age. Pay for an exam to get another opinion from someone you trust.

Ask around from relatives, friends, etc. for a good dentist.

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