I am going to explain to you how Aspen Dental Operates. It happened to me.

Aspen Dental or AD for short will HOOK you into coming in for a FREE dental XRAY, this is the HOOK, then the office lady will give you this STORY about how your going to get all your DENTAL WORK at half price, then they have all this paperwork that will PROVE to you the PRICES that they are TELLING YOU, they will convince you that this is the REAL PRICE, you will go home thinking that " How Do They Do It At Half Price?" THEY DON'T, THERE IS A CATCH. Read on. When you come in to have work done on your teeth, they will make you SIGN a release form, they are not responsible if they BREAK YOUR JAW, yes read it. DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR PLAN ON THE RELEASE FORM BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST, that's right all that plan and prices is PURE BS.

The reason is all those prices are based on ESTIMATED INSURANCE BENEFITS THAT don't actually exist, they are FAKE BENEFITS, they will convince you that you have these FAKE BENEFITS until you show up to have work done on your teeth, heaven forbid that you should mention this fake plan on any of your release paperwork, ALL *** WILL BREAK LOOSE, because they will tell you THERE IS NO PLAN, YOU HAVE NO PLAN and they can charge you anything they want because you signed a paper saying that you guarantee payment to them. The paperwork says "estimated insurance benefits. They are VERY GOOD at this scam, you will end up paying DOUBLE AND TRIPLE and your insurance money will RUN OUT before they are done fixing your teeth.


Location: Augusta, Maine

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Strange how aspen dental's free cleaning sounds exactly like a visit to an used car dealer. Lot's of flash and bang talk outside and then scurried into the back room to hurry up and sign for payments with shady information! Sure sign aspen is screwing you.


I don't know that they are banned in New York, as I think DeWitt NY is their headquarters. They have been sanctioned by the NY attorney general.

Everyone thinks they are getting a "deal" at Aspen. But low fees on procedures you don't need is NOT a money saver! Once I had a college student in my office planned for THIRTEEN fillings at Aspen. After an exam with MY x-rays, I found he had NO CAVITIES.

Aspen was really to drill 13 teeth for nothing!

Aspen is a shyster outfit not owned by dentists, but Wall Street investors doing business as Leonard Green & Partners. Don't trust Wall Street hustlers with your health!


Well said, and a warning to all.

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