They talked my husband into getting dentures about a year ago and it has been a year of ***. The bottoms broke in half within six months time.

The top ones chipped in the middle and are too big for his mouth they stick out about 1/4 inch away from his gums. The only way they stay there is with globs of poligrip. He uses a tube in less than a 5 day period. He was in such pain for many many months with large sores all inside his mouth and they would not even check him out for any infection after telling him to get the rest of his teeth pulled they demanded money in the lobby for work that had not been performed as of yet.

He offered 500.00 so someone could please look at him so he could eat, and they refused. He has lost so much weight because he absolutly can not eat and if he does its a few bites and his top dentures come out. If there is someone who could contact us for any help or advice please do so it will be more than appreciated.

Chuckkav64@hotmail.com Thank You!!!!!! There is so much more that i could write about this but it says to limit your words!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #681621

Aspen Dentals need to be shut down. My husband is a patient of Plymouth Mass aspen dental.

They took out a bridge he had in his mouth since he was a child, they pulled out other teeth. They did not give him and anti biotic (yes, he asked) so he got a terrible infection. when that was taken care of they kept fitting him for his permit bridge. They could not get the fit correct and then they keep canceling his fittings.

They billed our dental insurance and billed our credit card but he does not have his bridge and this process stated in 2012.

anyone know a good lawyer. they have been paid but he has no bridge...


Sounds like pt does need some follow up care. My guess is that pt had large outstanding balance to be seen.

I know first hand that Aspen does not make cheap dentures unless that is what pt signs up for. No Aspen would refuse this care unless the pt is not holding up their part of the bargain.


I’m very sorry to hear about you and your husband's experience. Our goal is for every patient who visits Aspen Dental to have a positive experience, so I’m really disappointed to hear that your experience didn’t meet those standards.

I have contacted the patient satisfaction team and someone is going to reach out to you via e-mail shortly.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.



Prestonsburg, Kentucky, United States #233036

Sounds like they need to put some temp liners in there while his gums heal after extractions. This is what happens when you go to denture mills that advertise cheap dentures.

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