My husband went to Aspen dental and was told he had a gum infection and needed special gum treatments.They gave him a price for the plan of care but failed to tell him in that price was one of their cheap rotary toothbrushes that they charged him $144.00 for. He thought it was free and did not know he was being charged for it!We already own an oral B.

which is what all repitiable Dentist recommend.I went crazy on the office manager who would not take back the toothbrush and was suppose to get back to me after talking to her manager and never did. Two weeks after having an old filling redone his tooth is now killing him and they are telling him he needs a root canal after spending 300.00 on the filling.

I plan on picking up his records and going else where. Think about it all the commercials on radio and TV someone has to pay for it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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Rotodents are good and worth the money. The best part is they can be ordered online and you don't have to give the greedy people at Aspen one dime.


ROtadents r the best toothbrushs for post treatment of perio disease. Oralb n sonicare r for healthy mouths. If oralbs r so great ...how did he get such terrible gum disease?...hmm?


Rotadent is the best toothbrush you can aquire, Im a RDH and its not cheap, its worth every penny

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