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I was forced to pay $1647.00 for procedures I never authorized. There was a balance of $374.88 that I had to pay by 2-9-18 or they were going to add $320.23 to that dental first account.

I tried to get Dental First telephone number to file a complaint on Aspen Dental. I have been told twice that Dental First is actually Aspen Dental. The pain I am dealing with is unreal. Then Aspen Dental decided I needed a partial so they pulled my teeth and cut bones from under my tongue.

So now I can only use teeth on the right side. I had dental insurance and Aspen Dental refuse to acknowledge them. I have Humana Insurance and they were suppose to pay a large portion of the bill. I had Care Credit so I didn't need Dental First.

Aspen Dental never informed me, and they never informed my insurance company. Then I went in thinking I was going to get my teeth filed. The next thing I knew I was screaming trying to wake up when I was put in a deep sleep again. There are documents with my name on them that I never saw until after they did surgery on me.

It was months before the surgeon went back in and made bad matters worst! I hope no one else experience this. I tried to contact the lady dentist that had my gums scanned to find out what she found. I was told she was no longer with that office.

Then the man dentist that told me he would fix the gum where a tooth was pulled or my gum would cave in.

He said it would cost me over $3700. He later refused to touch me after he had another x-ray done on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Fix what they and pay for pain and suffering..

I didn't like: Quality of service and lack of professional dentists.

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Yeah, they pretty much try to put everyone on THEIR preferred credit issuer as it is more lucrative for them. I don't think Leonard Green & Partners own Dental First as well.

But I could be wrong.

Dentists and dental hygienists come and go from these places like flies on a dog turd. Nobody wants to work there for long. I am not surprised your first female dentist left.

If you had teeth extracted under IV sedation, you should have an informed consent with your signature on it for the extractions, and probably another for the anesthetics. Ask to see these.

See if your signature appears to be forged. If it is, you have a good case for damages.

One of the many troubles in dealing with a corporate shyster outfit owned by investors rather than dentists is State Boards of Dentistry cannot fine or discipline the clinics.

Only the dentists who work there, if they have broken practice statutes. You really abandon most of your patient protections when you utilize outfits like this.

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