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Daisy Gross 917 Chisem Street Waycross, Georgia 9122827636 home 9125506971 cell Someone in Aspen Dental said I signed authorizing the procedure. It's my name but not my signature.

Where did the bone that was sticking out where the upper tooth was pulled come from? Then I was told it would cost me over $3700 to fix where the dentist pulled the upper tooth. He said he would fix it, and if I didn't fix it my gum would cave in. I wasn't told what the results of the examination was, and then I tried to find out what Dental First was and they admitted I couldn't contact them.

I was told it was a finance company. How can Aspen Dental justify leaving a bone sticking out my gum, and leaving 2 roots in my upper and lower gum. Then how did he pull a lower tooth and allowing the upper tooth to penetrate the lower gum he had cut open? I have been in continuous pain over a year and this man cut my gum open twice, and wanted to do it a third time, and I said no!

Why did they charge me over a month before they did anything? Then no one told me what they planned on doing to me. They couldn't discuss what they planned because they had already got the money.

They knew I would stop them had I found out. No one told me how to prepare for what they needed to do justify taking the money they illegally took without my permission!

Original review posted by user Dec 06, 2017

Daisy Gross December 6, 2007 917 Chisem Street Waycross, Georgia 31501 912-282-7636 home 912-550-6971 cell I went to Aspen Dental to have teeth filed. I had to let them do an examination first.

I waited for someone to tell me the results of the examination. That never happened instead I was taken to the office manager. He wanted to check my credit. I told him that wasn't necessary because I had Care Credit.

Then I had planned on paying as I went. He gave me an appointment 2 weeks later. Then they called and rescheduled my appointment. Then when I went back I had to pay $40.00 up front.

I was sitting in the chair when 2 men walked in on the right side of the chair I was sitting in, and I don't remember anything after that. Then a sharp pain hit me in my gum on the left side and I screamed and jump. This is when a man scream at me to stop. Then I don't remember anything after that until someone started trying to wake me up.

I didn't even know I was asleep. No one prepared me to go to sleep, and no one told me how to prepare for the surgery. I could have bleed to death because no one asked me what kind of medicine I take. I hemorrhaged for over 4 days, and I was bleeding so bad I had to line the bed with bath towels.

I couldn't eat for four days. Then the pain was so bad I had problems sleeping. Then I was told to bite on a tea bag, and the bleeding stopped but the pain didn't. The day this happened I had to hold my head in my hand in order to lie down, and sit up because my neck hurt so bad.

It felt like it was broke, and I am still having problems with my neck. I kept calling that office because the pain was unreal. I constantly called that office trying to get help because I was in so much pain, and nothing was done. Then the lady dentist had them to scan my jaw.

She didn't tell me the results of the scan she updated the surgeon. He told her to send me to Jacksonville the next day. I went and I sat in that office almost 3 hours before I saw him. All he did was give me a prescription for antibiotics which made me so sick I thought I would die.

He could have called that prescription in instead of making me ride over a 150 miles for nothing. Apparently she was taken out that office for having me scanned. I tried to find out from her what the scan showed, and I was told she was no longer with that office. Then the office manager had billed me for over $1600 a month before anything was done to me.

I had late fees with Dental First and I had nothing to with this being charged on that account. Dental First filed a complaint with Aspen Dental, and the office manager disappeared. They said I signed authorizing them to do the surgery and charge it to Dental First. My name is on that paper but it's not my signature.

Someone forged my name. I had no idea what they were going to do to me. That surgeon left a bone sticking out my gum. So where did that bone come from?

Then he left roots in the top and bottom gum. Then when he went back in to remove the roots he left he stuck a needle in my gum in 2 places. That pain was so bad I screamed, and these places still give me problems. Then he pulled out a tooth he wasn't authorized to pull and then a tooth was sticking in the gum he cut open twice.

I can only chew on the right side. I need dental advice to find out why I am still in so much Pain?

Evidently they needed more time to get this together, and that is why my first appointment was canceled. Then I had two dental insurances and they never contacted them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: I never authorized any of this..

Preferred solution: I have no idea whar it will take to fix this, or even if it can be fixed!.

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Sounds like a horror movie scene!


Daisy, yours is an experience that raises many red flags.

1. IV sedation requires preparation of not eating.

Were you prepped?

2. IV sedation and extractions BOTH require written informed consent BEFORE you are under the influence of sedative agents. They had better have both of these informed consents on file.

If they have a consent but the signature is not yours, I would call the police.

Nobody but really rotten apples enter patient charges BEFORE the treatment is performed. Out of all the sleazy corporate chain dental clinics, A$pen is practically the only one low enough to do it.

A$pen Dental office personnel are under the gun to produce revenues and will bill any possible fee as soon as possible to meet their monthly revenue totals. This secretary was trying to make as big a bonus as possible before she high-tailed it out of there. It was a tough lesson to learn. You don't really save any money at these corporate {{Redacted}} clinics.

More likely, you will get ripped off and butchered to boot! PLEASE only patronize private dentists who own their own offices from here on.

to Seasoned Dentist #1401474

Seasoned are so correct about going to a "real" dentist. I have read many times that the blame lies with the corporation.

I am quite sure you are correct for the most part. My experience with them was not as drastic as others. The dentist I saw was continually rolling his eyes in response to anything he heard that he did not like. It was obvious he was frustrated.

Everything flows down hill. Felt empathy for the people/assistants that had to work with him. After numerous trips to have my temporaries adjusted I was concerned about the out come of my permanents. I have had dentures for about 20 years and know the standard routine for proper fit.

They started the routine for my permanents and it was obvious they were not taking the time to check for proper fit. I cut my losses(1600.00) and moved on to a dentist that owns her own practice. Night and day difference. Got my new dentures yesterday.

They are perfect and she took extra time to ensure a proper fit for me. If I receive a refund, the cost from start to finish at each place was about the same. No saving money at Aspen by the time they get done charging for all the extras they possibly can.... 500.00 for Alveo per quad, ran the grinder for less than a minute, extra 300 for surgical removal on 2 extractions.

I just wish there was a way to let people know BEFORE they go to Aspen how awful of an experience it can be.

Dentists are like doctors and I never considered doing some research before I chose a dentist, I thought they had standards they had to follow. My bad, never again!

to Anonymous #1401910

Good to hear your story had a happy ending, Daisy.

We do all have standards when we leave dental school. The problem now is that so many graduating dentists have student loans of up to a third of a million dollars.

They have to earn a LOT of money to repay the debt and support their families. For some, the only job available is with a corporate chop shop like A$pen. Corporate execs make it real clear to the young dentists that they must bill revenues to the max or be fired. That includes scamming patients any way possible.

If they do not play ball for management, the young dentists are fired with no means to pay their student debt.

Imagine being fresh our of school with $300,000 in debt, no experience, then be thrust into an outfit like A$pen with no older dentists to mentor you, with an office manager that triple books you with patients, and corporate manager that badgers you to bill more and more revenues. It is like working in Hades.

Quite a conundrum for impressionable young dental graduates, isn't it?


Yes, you certainly need dental advice, but you also need to get a free consultation with a malpractice attorney, one who specializes in dental/medical cases. Call a few local attorneys or look up malpractice lawyers in your area and call some and set up an appointment.

Before you see the attorney find a local dentist in private practice and pay for an exam and get his professional opinion. Good luck.


Sounds horrible. You need to have this looked into.

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