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You asked and here we go. Aspen Dental IP's from which they sent emails or received emails while pretending to be two different patients:

" " .26269

" " .28119

" " .28294

" " .29383

" " .28503

" " .28919

these are just the ones we have ID so far. Can't contact my mid story line so I think they must have got to her first by pretending to be a patiend. They did it to me why wouldn't they do it to real patients. I haven't given up. Even if I have to drive down there and go from house to house the truth will prevail.

I will be watching Aspen with a microscope. All of you that have responded with your stories, I am still planning on working with what I have. Be careful who you write to from this site.

If considering this office think of the lack of integrity it takes to do something like this and ask if this is what you want in a doctor.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I got an email from that IP from a former office manager giving me legal advise to not sue - so she wasn't FORMER huh. *** company no low is too low for them


Makes ya wonder what else they've been getting away with!!!!!!!


Went to the Bradley office but didn't have any work done so no problems there. Thought what they did to patients was bad enough, but this is so EVIL. Pretending to be a patient??


how do you check these?


wow are they are legit company. been around long?

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