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Aspen Dental offered in-house financing with no interest. This turned out to be a scam.

The day after my extractions, I received a letter from GE Money Bank stating they could not offer the plan that I signed up for. Had no idea Aspen was dealing with GE Money or I never would have had any work done. GE paid Aspen before I even had any work done. End result was teeth that look like Mr.

Ed's with name engraved in bold black letters that have never been worn. They do not fit properly but dentist says otherwise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Aspen dental tried to rip me off. I went in know I need some major work done.

But when the Dr.(lol) told me I needed seven teeth polled and needed 2 teeth built up. That didn't sound right to me but I'm no dental person. So then he told me what it would cost $2,000.00 but I could apply at dental care and they could help me. dental care said they could pay $700.

so I said I couldn't pay the rest. The office person got on the phone and strangely enough they can now cover $1,800. I said let me think about it and I'd bet back to them. I went to the care credit and low and behold..aspen got paid already.

I called the credit company and found out it was GE money..who in the world are they?? any way I told them I was not going to have the work done and cancel my account which they did get the money back from Aspen and they closed my account.

I thought it was over and low and b hold I got a letter saying that the amount of dental work was going to cost me a whooping $7,000. I am so glad I did not let them touch me after the free visit.

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