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Dr. (and I use that term jokingly) Nadia Chowhan Iqbal is a leech on the side of the dental community.

This is the type dentist that makes people fear dentist offices. I have a friend who went to her and had nothing but problems. Were my friends expectations beyond the scope of a MORAL DECENT dentist - NO. She went to Aspen Dental for simple cosmetic work and ended up with endless possibly life long problems and ROOT CANALS because of what this "doctor" did to her.

Then the doctor had the nerve to put into writing that she is thinking of "DISMISSING" the patient of course, this was after taking her for $15,000!!!!!!!!! Then to make matters worse, if it could be worse considering that months later my friend is still in pain, the bottom crowns which my friend wanted because she had a tooth that was higher than her other bottom teeth well this PARASITE decided to go cheap and get the crowns from a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and first the wrong teeth were put in my friends mouth THEN the teeth she is stuck with have the EXAACT SAME issues as the ones she had replaced. In fact it's worse looking.

Her bottom teeth now form a pyramid toward one high tooth. Chowhan Iqbal like a leech just suck her patients dry feeding off the pain she creates.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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Springer, New Mexico, United States #227380

i went here and this joke of a dentist drilled the wrong tooth!

Springer, New Mexico, United States #210798

The worst of the worst. A clear example of Aspen scraping from the bottom of the dental barrel.

Springer, New Mexico, United States #200481

protest outside her office. get this piece of garbage run out of town before she hurts anyone else


God I wish I had come here a few months ago before I went to that nightmare of an office. I am still paying a reputable dr to fix what this chowhan woman did to me. it is MALPRACTICE!!


A total blood sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!


I heard one of this doctors patients DIED because of what the dentist did to her?? Anyone know anything about that??


Please contact me regarding this business. I am interested in writing a Human Interest story about the patient of whom you speak. I am impressed by how many friends and neighbors and strangers were outraged by the issue at hand. I will send you proof of ID and my creds upon request.


I am writing in response to the above as I am the patient to which you refer. You have referred to yourself as a friend and I am writing in ignorance as to your identity - however, I thank you for your support of me during this time, BUT this is not appropriate.

Please remove this comment. I commented here to make sure that what I am going through does not happen to anyone else.

This is just ugly, please remove it. As the patient, to whom you refer, I do not support this in any way.

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