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Hello Mr. Robert Fontana & Mr. Robert Conner,

I would like to address this email to each of you because you are the CEO & Executive VP of Aspen Dental. Regrettably, I am forced to come to the top, to address you personally, so that you can see what kind of business practices are trickling down from your dental operations into our society. We are not "pawns" of your money making empire. You are a part of a serious problem facing the current American Society where BIG BUSINESS & CORP RULE have become a virus within our culture. Do you care about how hard I work for my money? Like many other Americans, I can barely afford health insurance and, when I seek health care, I expect to receive the care to which I am entitled. It is clear that you train your employees & dental staff to do anything in their power to wrangle this important cash from our hands, and at what price? Are you in the medical profession yourself, do you have a license to practice a health care profession, or did opening this business just mean that you would make even more money than from any other scam you could think of?

Here is my story, whether you care to read on or not. But I feel it's important that you listen to me. Why? Because as much you think I may be ignorant; you are incorrect. In fact, I will and am doing everything in my power to pass the word around about what goes on inside Aspen Dental locations. The power of us "little people" is very powerful indeed. One day people will get sick of getting ripped off and your doors will close for good.

God gave you a gift: The gift of learning how to make money. I agree, you are amazing at it! However, it is very unfortunate how you are using your gift. To use this gift to deceive others is a travesty indeed, especially if you use the power of coercion to hurt others in the process of getting the money you want!!! Do you look at the tomorrows or just the todays???

My Father once told me this story and I would like to share it:

One day as a young boy he sat on his Grandfather's knee and asked "Grandpa, why do you keep planting all these fruit trees, you won't even be around to see it."

His Grandfather responded, "I plant it for you, so one day you and your children will be able to enjoy this fruit when the trees grow strong. I plant it in front of you because I want you to do the same for your grandchildren and so on. It is dangerous if my generation were to stop planting these trees. It would be dangerous if we just took what was already here for us today without thinking about tomorrow."

Do you see my point? If businesses such as yours keep looting the fields of our economy without planting for the future...What kind of country will my children & grandchildren be living in? If you don't care about my children, then think about what kind of world you are leaving for yours?

We are all responsible for not only ourselves but for each other and for the generations to come. Our founding forefathers warned us in many ways about many ideas we should be wary of, the same ideas that I see corporations and banks applying everyday to their skewed practices that result in the looting & robbing of the nation's people.

Recently, I made a complaint against your company. Your dentist took x-rays that he admitted to being blurry and then proceeded to diagnose me on these terms. This dentist then decided I would have needed over $4,000.00 in dental work!!! Your staff continued to push me to sign your paperwork stating that I should agree to this and even have an option of using credit provided through you! I knew better than to agree; unfortunately, many – especially the elderly - don't. Your company then sent me a $25.00 gift card and letter with a pathetic attempt to make amends. This is an insult to my intelligence and spirit. Throwing money to fill some kind of empty apology is not going to FIX the core dysfunction of your company. My integrity cannot be bought for any amount of money. If you read my story above, then you will know I was raised by strong men. Men who gave me a backbone to know how to make the right decisions not only in my life but also about the consequences my choices will have on generations to come.

Please take note: There are many, many, many more MEs out there that have been directly affected by your unethical business practices. How much money is enough? How much pain can you justify causing to others? Instead of looking at your "numbers", you may want to try to see all of your patients as human beings.




Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

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Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1339372

I have been a patient with Aspen dental for the past 2 years, the worse mistake I made. I feel your pain, and I have been sending complaint emails to Aspen Dental many many times, nobody has ever replied.

Did you ever get a response from the CEO?

do you have an email address from them, which they actually check and reply? Thanks.


Correct 100% try working for them it's even worse

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