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They pulled out my teeth,and never looked in my mouth again to see if it was heeled. And for my final ajustment I told them my lip sticks to my teeth, they took my teeth for 2 and half hour and when he came back, well lets just say I look like I have buck teeth now.So I told them I want my money back so I could go somewhere else to get them done right,the office manager said they were only going to give me back $570.00 when I paid them $3100.00 and when my refund comes back next week they were going to take my teeth to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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They pulled the teeth for you, and treated you. Maybe you don't like your dentures, but that doesn't mean you should get all your money back because services were still provided to you. Maybe if you had taken better care of your teeth you never would have had this problem :grin

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