Today I had an appointment for a basic cleaning and exam. When the hygienist came out to the waiting room and called my name she was less than friendly and welcoming.

In fact, she did not even attempt to hold the door open for me to enter after calling my name. After a few superficial, short and snippety exchanges about the snow we were having it was apparent to me that she was having a less than perfect day. She proceeded to give me the cleaning from ***. I told her that I had never had a cleaning that hurt as bad as the one I was currently experiencing.

She then told me that I had significant gingivitis, which I have never been told before by any hygienist. I go regularly, every six months, have my teeth cleaned and once a year I have an exam and x-rays. I brush and floss regularly. I have had three visits to Aspen Dental since relocating from Alaska to PA in August 2011.

Each time during my regular visits to Aspen Dental the staff insisted that I have x-rays and exam in addition to the cleaning. Today I denied the x-rays and will never return due to the fact that it seems x-rays and an exam every six months is a waste unless experiencing problems.

As I sit here, six hours after my cleaning today, my gums are still very painful and swollen, as well as the left side lower jaw area. I have never experienced any routine cleaning as painful as the one today.

Location: Winter Park, Florida

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Maybe if you would take care of your teeth and gums, it wouldnt hurt when you get a cleaning. I am a hygienist, and just because your previous dentist didn't tell you you had gingivitis, doesn't meant you didn't have it.


I filed a complaint there as well, horrible horrible staff. I wouldn't send my enemy there!

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