If you have been a patient of Aspen Dental and you believe that you have received unacceptable dental care resulting in:

- Physical injury associated with the dental care provided

- Unnecessary, excessive or questionable dental treatment

- Poorly fitting or cosmetically unacceptable dentures

- Protracted pain after your dental procedure

- Emotional Distress as a result of your dental visit

- Financial abuse which you cannot resolve with Aspen Dental

You may have a Legal Right to financial compensation.

A multi-state Mass Tort Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group. If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your "Aspen" experience, including your name, contact email address and phone number to the following email address:


Attn: Aspen Dental Management Mass Tort Unit

we are requesting that in your email you identify your complaint as being in one of the three following categories:

1.DENTAL MALPRACTICE – In which you have been physically injured by their dental "care."

2.CONSUMER FRAUD – Includes cases in which office personnel of Aspen Dental used high pressure sales tactics designed to take your money with false promises of providing competent dental health care.

3.Combination of Malpractice and Consumer Fraud.

You can remain anonymous!

When you email the description of your complaint for inclusion in this action, simply request that we assign you a confidential identity. As a new patient, a reasonable person would not expect Aspen Dental to take unfair advantage of a dental problem – after all, they are considered to be a healthcare facility; however, when you sit down with the Office Manager to discuss your dental treatment plan it becomes clear that your money, not your health, is Aspen's primary objective. The job of the Aspen office manager is to force you into accepting the most costly and extensive dental work possible. This is termed "conversion" and is against the law.

Aspen Dental rewards its employees with financial bonus incentives for exceeding monthly production goals. This bonus system is based upon Aspen's internal use of "metrics" which pressures each office to compete against other Aspen offices. Unfortunately, since Aspen's Management Team is composed of individuals whose background is in "consumer retail" – not in healthcare - they operate the dental care facility as a retail business in which you are not viewed as a patient - instead, you are simply a paying customer. Aspen Dental's motto is: "To create a happy, paying patient." But, unfortunately once you pay, you quickly discover that you are not happy.

This Mass Tort Lawsuit will effectively make Aspen Dental accountable for their acts through the unified and coherent voice of thousands of patients who have been wrongfully injured by Aspen Dental.

This Mass Tort Lawsuit will channel thousands of patient complaints into a collectively powerful force which will finally stop Aspen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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i'm sure you will write bad reviews foe any corporation that you do not understand. i am a patient at aspen dental and have gotten nothing but great care.

they did not sugar coat or tell me 'what i wanted to hear'....just the truth.

pay attention and you may understand what they tell you. i did.


My daughter just went to aspen dental for a routine cleaning. They told her that she had gingivitis.

My daughter is 23 years old and has always had a routine cleaning.

Aspen dental charged me almost $500.00.I know that a scaling which is what you get when they do a deep cleaning hurts but my daughter was in and out with no pain. Something isn't right here!!


@ Kim Henry, as a new patient to Aspen Dental I have to explain that my personal attraction to Aspen Dental was my Insurance Company. I chose Aspen Dental because my Insurance Company has a plan with them that limits what they can charge us for their services.

I went in to my first appointment today because I have a cavity that needs treatment. they ended up telling me that all of the teeth in my mouth need to be abstracted and replaced with dentures. they actually told me it could all be done TODAY before I left. Are you kidding me???????

I am still in shock and am more than thrilled that I stumbled across this blog. I will definitely pay more money for legitimate, safe, caring treatment and WILL NOT be returning to Aspen

to New Patient Atlanta, Georgia, United States #779869

Excuse me. You chose a dentist primarily because of your (probably very crumby) dental plan?

What good is finding a "great deal" if it means getting treatment you do not even need.

Obviously you did not know that in Corporate clinics, young dentists with big student debt are pressured into bringing in high revenues by whatever means is necessary?

Please wise up and seek treatment from honest dentists who are independent business people and own the practices in which they work!


this is spam

but as a 28 years inpractice dentist you owns anchain affiliated office, I will tell Kim Henry why patients come to me. I have an excellent reputaion in my community and have been in my office for 16 years and have provided caring compassionate care to my patients.

I am referred to by many other general practice dentists to service many of their patients they cannot or chose not to see, and also hospitals and MDs and the local dental society refer to me because of our ability to care for special needs, transplant patients, etc. There are no different mix of dentists in clinic settings as there are in smaller private practices.

It is freeing to practice dentistry when other concerns are handled for you. I ahve a great staff who have been with me for many years as we have grown, including over half the opening staff.

to katesarajane #632558

Wow. I'm looking a dentist like you for already 10 years, but what I find is just jerks with self importance that has no real reasons, honestly.

Most of them do "crappy" jobs and actually hate their professions , so they put it on their assistants. They make assistants cheap, even good ones. Otherwise they can't find jobs in the field of dentistry. Tell me, please, why are the dental assistant's wages too low???

Can you,guys, work without assistants? No. Only, don't tell me that I can become a hygienist if I want,Ok? Dental assistants are still in need.

Aren't they? Aspen is the worst experience for assistants, by the way.

to katesarajane Atlanta, Georgia, United States #779870

Nobody with a doctorate could write English this poor with so many typos.

If a dental clinic staff member wrote this, they must hire illiterate ***

NO DENTISTS refer to general dentists working in sleazy corporate clinics!


Just curious. What would make a patient decide to go to a chain clinic, instead of a independent dentist-owned office which had a good reputation in the community?

What is it that makes going to a franchise or corporate clinic so attractive?

How is it that you think you will save money with one of these outfits? They are just revolving doors for young dentists trying to pay off student loans


Remember people, if you sue in a collective agreement like this, you will usually waive your right to ever bring suit against the company again. Not that this is a bad thing, massive suits like this are certainly a strong message and hit them in their wallet more than a million small claims filings.

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