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Oh my Lord,w.t.f is wrong with these "dentists" I went for my appt yesterday 7_7_11 I was in severe pain, and was told that my pain would be addressed,after the xrays like 30 of them, the dentist came in asked if I was in pain,clearly I was. She proceeded to tell me that she was going to have to pull 20 teeth in one sitting,then directed me to the credit manager for 8,375.00 worth of dental work, then they told me to call and set up another appt when I had the cash,yeah right, after leaving the office still in pain no antibiotics and nothing for the pain,do they think that I am going to let them pull 20 teeth and send me on my way?

Well they can go pound sand sand!! I will be getting a second opiom from my local dentist as anybody should,


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First of all who do you think you are,you dont know me and you probably work for these *** So don't come at me with your *** *** ***,cause I found my smile at my local professional dentist that did in fact put me on antibiotics,by the way only ten of my teeth had to be pulled,you blithering ***..Bless your heart!


News flash, not going to the dentist for many many years has left you in this predicament, not them. they tried to address your pain, but you chose not to accept their treatment.

Antibiotics are never needed for tooth infection/decay unless swelling is present. if they say you need 20 teeth pulled, you most likely do and deep down you know that.

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