Aspen Dental in Omaha, Nebraska is without a doubt the worst dental office I have ever been in. They pulled a tooth last Thursday, and on Sunday I was in so much pain I called the emergency line. After three calls and over three hours, someone called me back and said to come in on Monday. I did, and all he did was rinse out my mouth and say it was fine.

The pain continued and today, Tuesday, I went to a real dentist, to find out that I have and have had a dry socket. He treated me and we talked for a little about the situation.

When I went to Aspen Dental there was and is a huge sign outside saying x-rays and first exam are free. If they are free, why did Aspen bill by dental insurance. I called them today when I got home from the real dentist and now they want to bill me to give me copies of my x-rays.

They wanted to charge me over $1200 to do a deep cleaning, after the insurance portion. The dentist I saw today said a deep cleaning is around $200 after the insurance portion.

Beware if they do x-rays and then take you to see the office manager. They are going to tell you you need a mouth full of dental work and want you to sign their loan agreement.

Just do the smart thing and STAY AWAY from Aspen Dental. They are terrible dentists as well as *** artists.

They should be put out of business.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #825666

Ok first of all, sorry you had dry socket, it'll make a grown man go down on his knees crying! but the dentist did not cause you to have dry socket.

Dry socket is when you loose the blood clot in the socket, this is caused by Suction through a straw, rinsing mouth out the same day of surgery, rinsing mouth out and spitting instead of letting liquids fall out of the mouth, tabacco use, improper care of keeping area clean. This was not caused because you had a "bad" experience with them. Yes it is too bad they did you that way as far as insurance but the dry socket on the other hand, was not caused by them and in some cases it just happens.

I am a Dental Assistant and know what Im talking about. Make sure you get your facts straight.


I had a similar experience with them. I went over the terms of service and double-checked that my insurance would cover the costs.

I had 3 different doctors and now I have rough spots and the same sensitivity and discomfort I had before I went in for work. During one appointment I was told that since the doctors doing the work were out-of-network for my insurance that I would have to pay more. I refused and told them it wasn't my fault that they didn't have in-network doctors. They should have informed me before the work was done.

At the end of it all I now am $2,500 in the hole to a credit company plus an additional $130 because my insurance didn't cover it all. What really is sad is the lobby at the Oakview Omaha store is usually 90% elderly people. Aspen is taking advantage and stealing these peoples' money.

I agree that they should be put out of business. They are the reason people are afraid of going to the dentist.


They billed your insurance because, as it states on the signs and in their policies, that the free x-rays and cleaning "can not be combined with most insurance." So if your insurance is covering it, they won't give it to you free; if you'd read the policies before going in there you would have known that. Please don't get mad at someone because YOU didn't read the policies beforehand. That's your fault, not Aspen's.

to read the terms #610753

You're probably an employee right? Lol


ugh...MONARCH DENTAL did that to me too! I ended up having to pay over 6,000 over the process of 3 years for it all....I called my Senetor and GOT SOME OF IT BACK!!!....just a suggestion :)

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