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Spoke with the dental office,was quoted $29.00 partial repair, also quoted $66.00 deep cleaning, believed them totally, they asked a few more questions and made my appointment! went in was there for 2 and half hours, and after hearing the dental assistants at the front desk talking about the customer who just left the front door was already skeptical, then they looked at me and then said they they wouldn't repair my partial and I had to get 2 teeth fixed at over $3,000 each and the cleaning I need is over $2,ooo and then a new partial $1,000 it was a total of almost $8,000!

and they are allowed to advertize full dentures at $249.00 on the television! SAD

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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Debby, you are correct. The $29 for partial repair is to get you in the door.

Next, the goal is to sell you a new partial. The rest of the treatment is most likely bogus. $3,000 to fix a tooth? Really?

They must be talking about implants. A crown is usually about $900 per tooth.

Run to another dentist and don't pay the greedy jerks a dime.

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