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I bought their premium dentures approx. 1.5 years ago, 5/15, with their 7 year warranty.

Roughly a month after I got them a front tooth fell out. I go there and they tell me this is rare but it does happen and they fix them. Another month or 2 later a different front tooth falls out. I go back again and they are puzzled but fix them again.

A few months later another falls out, all different teeth too. Long story short, it is now 1/17 and I'm on the 5th tooth that fell out and they conveniently only have a record of 3 falling out--but truly this is number 5. Now they tell me that they are extremely worn due to me grinding my teeth at night -- which I do not and the wife verified this to them, but they basically called me a liar and said it's due to me grinding my teeth. When I asked about the warranty and getting replacements, the office manager got really rude and defensive, seriously lacks quality customer service skills, and said the warranty only cover the repairs, like I want to go have my teeth fixed every few months or so.

Who cares if I'm out and about and look like a homeless *** cause their teeth will not stay in or my time to keep going back and forth. All the comments you see on the sell up are true, spent a lot of time in the chair and heard a lot of it.

They're like the big tire chains sell-sell-sell and get em a credit plan, they'll buy more --PITIFUL! Save your time and aggravation and find a good local dentist with his name on the building!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4600.

Preferred solution: Give me new one and stand behind your products/services.

Aspen Dental Pros: Regular staf was great, Office manager needs some serious customer service training.

Aspen Dental Cons: Poor quality dentures, Had dentures most of my life and never lost a tooth.

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Aspen's glorious dentures strike again. Aspen guarantees you to have a redneck hillbilly smile.


Grinding you teeth at night should not matter, since YOU SHOULD NEVER SLEEP WITH A PARTIAL OR FULL DENTURE IN YOUR MOUTH. It really harms your gums!

As I have written hundreds of times before, teeth falling out of dentures are rare, but happens all the time at A$pen because:


The cheap labs they use can leave wax on teeth before curing the plastic. The wax prevents a good bond to the teeth.

2. A$pen's most expensive dentures are made out of a flexible nylon-like material.

There is no advantage to this. The material does not bond well to denture teeth and they fall out.

Bad mistake you made going to a sleazy Wall Street owned clip joint instead of a regular dentist


Even tho I would never recommend anyone having any kind of dental work done by Aspen Dental, you are most likely grinding your teeth. You just don't know it and your wife would really never be aware of it anyway.

It is not as if you are making loud noises when you grind your teeth at night. It is more like putting alot of tension on the teeth by you forcefully closing your mouth and putting pressure on the teeth. Too much stress being put on false teeth will loosen them over time. If I were you, I would spend a few dollars by going to a drugstore or large store like Walmart or even and get one of those mouth guards made specially for people who grind their teeth at night.

I am surprised Aspen didn't recommend this---well, I guess given that it is Aspen, they wouldn't think of it. Good dentists will go over this when they encounter a situation like yours with either false or permanent teeth. Your situation is not uncommon and can be corrected and cured with appropriate methods, like the mouth guard, which by the way is easy to use.

Good luck. And, find a good local dentist for the future, one in private practice not with a dental mill like Aspen.


I've had dentures since my early twenties. I've never had a tooth fall out of any I've had. My last set was made in 1999 and although worn, reason I replaced with Aspens, they never broke or lost a tooth.