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Husband made an appt without telling me and had to pay over 5k upfront for extractions and dentures, they billed insurance wrong so they could use every last penny. He was charged 2k for 6 month temps instead of 399.00.

Got his comfilytes 8 months later and they are heavier than the others and look the same. even with warranty they will not give money back as they say

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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comfi-junks are a marketing scam to hook fools into buying even junkier dentures. It doesn't matter what type denture they sell you they all have the same 99 cent junk teeth from china in them.


There is nothing superior about Aspen's so-called "Comfylyte" dentures. They are just a gimmick to charge you no more money.

The flexible material makes more sense in cheap partials than full dentures. It is difficult to impossible to reline. Also, denture teeth do not bond to the nylon-like material well so the teeth frequently come out. Yanking all the teeth out at one time and making temporary dentures is not taught in any dental school that I know of.

It is a bastardized technique. It is better to take all the teeth out all at once and do bone surgery, then allow AT LEAST 3 months of healing before impressions are taken. Even so, the dentures will need relines in a short time. The bottom line is it was a huge mistake all your husband's teeth.

Some teeth are better than no teeth. Aspen is famous for yanking out good and bad teeth alike.

You made a huge mistake taking your husband to a gyp-joint like Aspen instead of a regular dentist in private practice. A good rule to follow is to never go to any health professional that advertises on TV.

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