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This New Year brought news that Allcare Dental had collapsed- leaving thousands of patients without dental care and without their money. This company-wide collapse prompted the intervention of numerous State Attorney General's Offices to assist patients in recovering some of the money they had paid to Allcare Dental; money paid to Allcare without any dental services even having been rendered to them as patients.

Allcare Dental had operated its clinics just like Aspen Dental, with patients being pressured by aggressive Office Managers into assuming large financial debts before any dental treatment had even been provided. Aspen Dental, like Allcare, was NOT designed to be a "dental" operation - it is a pure "profiteering / racketeering" venture controlled from its corporate headquarters in Syracuse, New York. It has been uniquely designed to defraud patients of their money through deceptive business practices and high pressure sales techniques without any concern for the patients' dental health care.

Dr. Matthew Messina, consumer adviser for the American Dental Association, encouraged patients to file complaints with their state attorney general and contact their state dental boards. The attorney general in Pennsylvania did the same, and representatives from the New Hampshire attorney general's office were at the Allcare office helping patients and urging them to file complaints with the state. For most of these patients, any hope of recovering their money already paid to Allcare is virtually hopeless.

Patients should act now before Aspen Dental collapses if they expect to recover the money they have paid to Aspen. Follow the recommendations of the American Dental Association and then demand that Aspen refund your money for any dental treatment not yet received. It's time to prepare for the collapse of Aspen Dental now before they shut down and run like Allcare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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I 1st went to ASPEN DENTAL in Jan 2017, they are an absolute nitemare. I was lead to believe that the most expensive set of dentures ($3,000) were made far better than the cheaper versions that I was shown.

That was 1 of many compliments I have against this company. I live 48 miles One Way (96 mile round trip) and they assured me they would have my dentures done within a month! I have had 17 appointments, they’re now on a their 3rd set of dentures they’re trying to get to fit and if this isn’t bad enough ~ last month my friend and I went in to get my impressions made and this was the 1st time of EVER meeting this dentist Dr Alfred Williams (temporally working in Chillicothe Ohio b/c lack of staff) ~ and as he was pushing the impression up against the roof of my mouth I started gagging. He turned to 2 of his techs and said something then they all started laughing.

I didn’t hear what was said but when I got out of the car I ask my friend what they said when they were laughing and she said, “OMG! I thought you heard him he said that you sure can be a *** star the way you gagged! I was beyond furious and deeply hurt and insulted by a professional (Or so he calls himself a professional) even thinking something like that much less speaking it out loud. So I have another appointment to go to , to see if the dentures that they remade would fit and when I went in and sat down I put my phone on record and told him that I thought he owed me an apology and he started in right away begging me to forgive him for saying that I couldn’t be a *** star, he said he was just trying to break the ice and get to know me .

He told me that he talks to most of his patients that way and most like it’s just funny but I am a Christian woman and I do not find ANYTHING even slightly funny or amusing about a comment like that . I have made numerous calls to Aspen dental to get my entire refund back including the interest that I have paid and I have the recording of Dr. Williams begging for forgiveness and promising me that he will never speak to another patient the way he spoke to me that this man is seven years old and I can guarantee you that I am not the first person that he ever made that remark too. I am unable to where my dentures for any extended period of time at all because they rub against my Gammes and lead canker source .

I fully believe that I should be refunded and every dime plus interest that I had paid plus the dentures that they have down there waiting on me but I cannot allow myself to let that Dr. get near me after what he said to me, what are they going to do with those dentures just throw them away after all the trips and I had paid down there since January 2017? I also believe that the doctor should be turned in to a dental board and that I should be compensated for the humiliation bed he put me through . That statement scared me so bad that I refused to even go back and pick up my dentures that he had made .

My name is Rita Cartwright-Pitzer 8-25-60 I get to the Chillicothe office in Chillicothe Ohio and I have never in my life seen such poor quality work and in the office go through is many employees as this office has went through since I started going there. First I noticed several techs leaving, then my dentists left and they had to reschedule another appointment and they had another good just coming in but before I could get to my appointment that Dentist had quit also. The finance Mgr has quit... it’s a ghost town of what it used to be and the newer employees are rude and very unprofessional !

Please feel free to call me at 937 -205-2410 but if you do call please leave a message because I have a roach killer on my phone and it blocks a lot of numbers and I have no idea who they are and I don’t callback numbers that I don’t know . I look forward to hearing from you!


Dr Bleckstein is either a dentist that was fired from Aspen or, more likely, a mom and pop dentist that can't compete. No dentist starts expensive work without a down payment.




Why this bill applies only to dentists ?why not medical doctors ,optometrists chiropractors and nurses etc etc

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