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I visited an Aspen office in Rome,N.Y..I had 3 teeth pulled,1 wisdom,2 broken.From the reception to the dental assistant to the Dentists,all clowns. The receptionists was very rude by eating her double cheeseburger at her desk,while trying to sign me in.The dental ***.

was also rude by referring to me as "Honey" and "Sweetheart",I have a name,use it.Now the so called Dr..He removed my teeth and chipped another one that was not part of the procedure.Does not explain anything to me,yanks em out.When hes done ,the assistant hands me a piece of paper with post oppt.

instructions,no antibiotic nor 800 ibuprofen,nothing. I am paying for a service,I am the boss.I am not happy with the service.I will go find another Dr.,no problem.But Aspen Dental is a slaughter house,get em in and move em out.I will not return to Aspen Dental.

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