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I had an appointment with Aspen Dental's Lakeland office in Florida and was immediately alarmed by their transparent motive to maximize their profits! I have had regular dental visits since I was a child and pride myself in getting regular cleanings; however, with my recent move to Florida I have allowed two years to lapse since my last cleaning.

So needless to say, I was looking forward to finally resuming my regular visits to the dentist. The first clue I had that Aspen was more interested in my wallet than my teeth was that even after I denied the oral cancer screening (since I am not at risk) the dentist still recommended it in my "treatment plan". She stated that it was covered by my insurance anyway so it would be no additional cost to me. I was also told that I had early periodontal disease.

I told the hygienist that I was "shocked" and that none of my previous dentists had ever reported my having had gingivitis much less full on periodontal disease. She just wagged her finger and said, "start flossing!" I then was taken back to the business manager's officer wherein I was given an estimate of over 1000 dollars worth of treatment. Coincidentally, none of these treatments were covered by my dental insurance and I was expected to return every 3 months for these treatments. Still amazed by my sudden onset of periodontal disease along with the apparent seriousness of resuming immediate and frequent treatment, I told the business manager that my paying the 1000 dollars was a NEGATIVE and I would appreciate my x rays on my way out the door.

One thing I will say about Aspen Dental is that I certainly admire their persistence in the face of losing money as she promptly gave me discounts and removed the oral cancer screening (which by the way was NOT covered by my insurance) and gave me a new estimate of just over 350 dollars! By then the red flags were proudly waving all over the room and I wanted nothing more than to just get out of there! Of course though, Aspen could not let me leave without charging me a so called 50 deductible (which I later called my insurance company and was told that I should not have been charged a deductible since there were no procedures performed - only the x ray and new patient exam). They also tried to make me sign a form with the new estimate stating that I accept the recommended treatment plan.

I realized again with open mouthed wonder that the audacity of Aspen had no boundaries! Please do not waste your money and precious time on these money grubbers!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Same treatment such a scam

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