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I am an extremely dissatisfied "patient" of Aspend dental. After reading through hundreds of complaints which echo mine, I am going to make it my mission to bring their fraudulent and unethical practices to light and bring them down.

Anyone with ANY inside info or complaint, please post it! Don't allow this criminal practice to continue. Class action lawsuit coming!

To satisfy the word requirement: Keep complaining, gather your information, keep records, keep a journal, take pictures, post your complaints, don't stop bugging them...whatever it takes.

They need to be stopped! Six more words...medical malpractice and insurance fraud are serious!!!

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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I am not pissed but am hurt because of the way I was treated-- I spent so much time going back and forth 100 mi. to a dentist that I thought I could trust.

NOT!!!! They were so loving and Honey this and sweety this-- ist day I filled out my financial contract--- a few days later when I went back --"Well, we don't use this finance place anymore-- but they allowed me to keep using them( not to say they didn't mention that was for only $1,000.) -I went forever --(even as the gas went UP--UPUp) -- even had surgery during the time I was going-- I couldn't get them to understand how I wanted my top denture to look like the one I was wearing -- I went many, many times saw 2 different (a foreign dentist who were going through their dentist system-) the last one was a better one--but get this --the dentist that I made the appoint with, to begin with, was never my dentist-- I only had the foreign with accents dentist, which is ok but I had a time understanding the first one- I got sick again and had to stop going for awhile-several mo's- when I spoke to them again they discouraged me from coming back to them-- said I needed one who could PLEASE me--also on the price--- I was given a price by Mr. Porter(who was high up in command-and he said he could offer discounts -- he unfortunately (for me) didn't relate this price to ASPEN-- so they gave me some WAY OUT THERE HIGH PRICE-then later sent me back $735.00 of the $1.000 I had paid--- Also during this horrid time-- one of the hygenist was fired because she was--honestly-- nasty-- she also had snached my top denture from my mouth -irritating a bad place on my tongue that the Med Dr. had been treating for a long time and was finally getting better--NOW because of that (-which I told the main desk what had happened--) Is worst than before-- WHO IS PAYING FOR My MYSERY FROM THIS DENTAL TROUBLE???????ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I still have to find another dentist.!!!! Do you have any solutions????????????


I’m with you on bringing this fraudulent insurance scamming practice to light and making them pay damages. They cannot get away with the con game they play, there’s got to be a way to put an end to it


The above from Oregon A Nationwide class action suit is necessary


I just wish the dental place on 9 mi. rd ASPEN DENTAL was as good as they think they are or how they try to make the patients think they are.This is sooooooooo unfair to people who need help.

This is not right!!!! Dental -- Aspen --Pensacola Fl.

SHAME ON YOU!!!!! FOR taking advantage of people and their trust.


I don't care who gets the money in a class action lawsuit; to see these lying crooks shut down is pay enough for me.


broke my upper jaw, puncture hole in upper jaw while removing a tooth - punctured sinus and fluid traveled through sinus and out nose. Had to have plugged and then on meds for two months and wash mouth medicated for 2 months.

It's been 9 months and I still can't eat with temp teeth as they were made where I bite my own tongue - bottom partials grab my under tongue. Did not get permanents I paid for, as I could not get the girls to make temps even correctly. In fact I paid for entire thing in cash from my SSI so I could eat solids and crunchy things again. That didn't happen, instead my nose area does not match center perfect to middle of teeth so it looks off somewhat.

That is from her breaking my upper section of jaw using hammer tool instead of pulling a three tooth partial permanent denture that was attached to two good teeth. I'm still having issues. I had to get a 2nd opinion for doctor to believe me and I have 30 years in medical field. I think they stuck me with a student even after knowing all my medical concerns.

Then she treated me like it was all my fault when she punctured hole in my mouth. but I have doctors to back up what was done to my mouth and photos and witnesses, plus they charged me approx $6,000 and that was with a discount.

I feel as though I paid them to bash my face in and now I'm in *** and still having sinus issues and pressure migranes and no permanent teeth. I need to find someone to help me, so far I have filed complaint with BBB for their help.


Number 1. With a class action Lawsuit you'll get maybe 5 cents on a dollar you lost.

Total. Unless you are the Attorneys in the case. Number 2. Aspen Dental is starting Forums exactly like this one to divert you from YOUR INDIVIDUAL case, where the damages will be fair.

Number 3. Contact your State's ATTORNEY GENERAL.

Aspen Dental is HUGE in the Government medical payment scheme, Medicaid. They have Consumer Advocates, who, if they do their job will look into things.


bring the class action suit to Palm Bay, Florida!!


I was seen at Aspen Dental on 1/15/20 for a filling and broken tooth removal. I had my insurance info and was signed up for a care plan costing over $7,000.00.

I had the filling done at a cost of $1,700.00 only no tooth pulled. I contacted Aspen Dental I don't need the care plan and to charge my insurance, they wont do it and now I'm being harassed with a collection company


Regarding Aspen, Macedonia, Oh, it took 6 months to finally get a decent bridge. The first one they made for me took 2 months to get.

When they applied it to my mouth it broke in 2 hours. They arranged for another one and 4 months later I went in. I paid for it at that time. ($2,718.) They inserted it in my mouth and it broke in 2 days.

I called Chris Trainer (ofc. manager) to tell him and he started yelling at me saying he doesn't believe me and that I owe more money for it!! The dentist they have there, Dr. Azur, is totally incompetent.

He was so unsure of himself he took about 12 xrays and even drilled the inside of my cheek. Eventually this "office manager" guy realized this Dr. Azur didn't know his "a__ from *** in the ground" and he sent me to another office. I was told I owe another $365.

for my bridge. This was the result of office managers mistake. I told him when I first went in that he was charging too much and that I have a discount plan which they are supposed to honor. He flatly ignored me even though the correct fee came up on the screen.

I truly believe this guy works for the mafia. At the other office I was sent to, they arranged for another bridge. They were satisfactory however it took another 5 weeks to get the bridge. Now I am being billed by the Macedonia office for an entire new bridge.

My last bridge was a REPLACEMENT BRIDGE and was already paid for and I was reassured at the time there was no other charge. Everybody I talked to at the Macedonia office lied to me about everything. I want this stupid billing to stop. I consider it harassment.

Going there was the worst, unbelievable experience of my life and caused me great distress. As far as I am concerned they should reimburse me for $2,718. which I already paid them. I feel bad for anybody else who naively goes there bas I did.

At one point I called the corporate office and they told me they would have the district manager call me. His name is Donte Burnica. He was very arrogant and took the side of Aspen.

I explained the situation again and he said he would do something about it which he never did. I explained this so many times I felt like I was a defendant on trial




In Lewiston Idaho they just want more money they put a crown on then on installing crown he ground on it again and again finally with my mouth open and I am not able to do anything he says I am going to grind off of the other tooth it won’t hurt. Several months later now I went back he then wanted to grind more on the crown so he said I would not open my mouth.

He said that when he ground on the other tooth it was a filling that is not right.

He blames everything on my dental hygiene. He had me Written up for two crowns I said ok to one now I wish I would not have got any.


This company is horrible, they treat patients horribly and employees. They fired a pregnant women for Being pregnant


They have been dickering me around since the end of December 2015 and still do not have my dentures fitting! They just repaired a bottom partial about 3 weeks ago, which is now the third one and still not fitting properly, and it broke again yesterday.

I do not wear my dentures when at home because I get horrible ulcers and sores from both upper and bottom, so I wear them only when going away, and at times only the top. There has been such a turnover from my first visit, including dentists, assistants, and front office employees.

Every time I say that I am very frustrated I get a song and dance of excuses. Well I am tired now of the excuses and want reimbursed all the money paid for the dentures, Aspen advertises full reimbursement if not satisfied!


I too am having problems with them right now that sound exactly like what I'm going Tru. At the sedelia mo.

Office. I knew paying cash in full would be a mistake. As soon as They got my money the bull stories started trying to explain why it was our fault that the first temp.

Plates were a disaster. They


Aspen Dental is wonderful! You may have had a bad experience at the practice you went to, however that doesn't account for the other 700 locations.

There are thousands of happy patients every day. Unfortunately, it is more common that people post when they have issues with a place rather than a great experience.


I wish I could say good things about Aspen Dental, but I cannot! If I had been treated fairly & services rendered as expected, I would post a glowing revue!


My dentures are melting in my mouth! Literally the pink stuff on the roof of my mouth starts sliding down toward my teeth!The clear stuff they use on the tooth part itself is bubbleing or peeling.

The teeth were never right. I went in several times with complaints including biting the sides of my mouth. Only to be sternly told the dentures fit perfect!! I had shown them my previous dentures and asked if they could duplicate them.

They insisted they could. Not a chance!! I paid $3000.

For these things and got the 3 year return policy. They are going back!!


I work for Aspen and there is no three year return policy


I felt like I was buying a car or something then they told me I needed all these deep cleanings and expensive tooth brush that my insurance didn’t cover and I tried to tell them I didn’t want it just fill my filling that came out and they kept insisting so I stopped going

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