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I am an extremely dissatisfied "patient" of Aspend dental. After reading through hundreds of complaints which echo mine, I am going to make it my mission to bring their fraudulent and unethical practices to light and bring them down.

Anyone with ANY inside info or complaint, please post it! Don't allow this criminal practice to continue. Class action lawsuit coming!

To satisfy the word requirement: Keep complaining, gather your information, keep records, keep a journal, take pictures, post your complaints, don't stop bugging them...whatever it takes.

They need to be stopped! Six more words...medical malpractice and insurance fraud are serious!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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In Lewiston Idaho they just want more money they put a crown on then on installing crown he ground on it again and again finally with my mouth open and I am not able to do anything he says I am going to grind off of the other tooth it won’t hurt. Several months later now I went back he then wanted to grind more on the crown so he said I would not open my mouth.

He said that when he ground on the other tooth it was a filling that is not right.

He blames everything on my dental hygiene. He had me Written up for two crowns I said ok to one now I wish I would not have got any.


This company is horrible, they treat patients horribly and employees. They fired a pregnant women for Being pregnant


They have been dickering me around since the end of December 2015 and still do not have my dentures fitting! They just repaired a bottom partial about 3 weeks ago, which is now the third one and still not fitting properly, and it broke again yesterday.

I do not wear my dentures when at home because I get horrible ulcers and sores from both upper and bottom, so I wear them only when going away, and at times only the top. There has been such a turnover from my first visit, including dentists, assistants, and front office employees.

Every time I say that I am very frustrated I get a song and dance of excuses. Well I am tired now of the excuses and want reimbursed all the money paid for the dentures, Aspen advertises full reimbursement if not satisfied!

Larry B

I too am having problems with them right now that sound exactly like what I'm going Tru. At the sedelia mo.

Office. I knew paying cash in full would be a mistake. As soon as They got my money the bull stories started trying to explain why it was our fault that the first temp.

Plates were a disaster. They


Aspen Dental is wonderful! You may have had a bad experience at the practice you went to, however that doesn't account for the other 700 locations.

There are thousands of happy patients every day. Unfortunately, it is more common that people post when they have issues with a place rather than a great experience.


I wish I could say good things about Aspen Dental, but I cannot! If I had been treated fairly & services rendered as expected, I would post a glowing revue!


My dentures are melting in my mouth! Literally the pink stuff on the roof of my mouth starts sliding down toward my teeth!The clear stuff they use on the tooth part itself is bubbleing or peeling.

The teeth were never right. I went in several times with complaints including biting the sides of my mouth. Only to be sternly told the dentures fit perfect!! I had shown them my previous dentures and asked if they could duplicate them.

They insisted they could. Not a chance!! I paid $3000.

For these things and got the 3 year return policy. They are going back!!


I work for Aspen and there is no three year return policy


I felt like I was buying a car or something then they told me I needed all these deep cleanings and expensive tooth brush that my insurance didn’t cover and I tried to tell them I didn’t want it just fill my filling that came out and they kept insisting so I stopped going


I went to Aspen to get some broken teeth pulled in order to get a partial. The dentist ended up cracking and removing a tooth that was supposed to stay in, leaving the remaining tooth next to it extremely dislodged and loose.

He ended up putting a metal splint on my front teeth to anchor the loose one for a few weeks. The splint ended up dragging my teeth down, exposing the roots. I was unable to smile, talk, or eat properly for 3 weeks because of this. I've had to pick out shards of tooth from my gums that were left in.

I missed a few days of work due to pain and bleeding.

It's been a nightmare.To add insult to injury, the loose tooth never tightened so I have to get them all pulled anyway. Because of this dentist's mistake.


I trusted Aspen Dental and they charged me $265.50 for work that was worth less.The tooth they said they would put a crown on after they took my money .now they say the tooth needs to be pulled. They own me $ 204.30 they did pay me $61.20 but still need to pay me $204.30 can any one help me.


We were extremely disappiointed with the finical care provided by Aspen dental at the Ithaca office. To begin with they billed items they knew at my daughter”s age was not covered, they failed to contact us with a new bill summary after months of our disputing a total bill amount, so when my daughter went in for her appt today SHE was Not Serviced.

So much for dental caring for patients!!!!

And there is still questions regarding the bill. It’s reslly sad that low income families are subjected to just abuse !


Aspen Dental charged my 93 year old Mother over 5600 dollars for work that was not performed due to how risky this procedure would be for her age. This is what other Dentists explained to me.

So Aspen told me it needed to be done and has not returned her money.

Wow even ripping off elderly women. What a tragedy.


I went to Aspen dental and got new dentals that cost $3000 and they fit for a they were going to cost another $800 to get them relined.i will never send people there or go back again.this company is fraud.


They got me too!


I have been to Aspen Dental twice for cleanings and maintenance, Both times, the bill exceeded my dental insurance coverage. so, I paid for the remainder with my credit card as I was leaving the dentist.

Both times I later received bills in the mail, even though I paid what was owed at the time I left the dentist. They continue to tell me that I owe a meager $21. I will pay to get them off my back. But, I will never be back.

I consider them a fraud.


aspen dental:

When you hold your hand in a "karate-style" fashion, then, with a ramming motion, jam it up an unsuspecting patient's rear end. (Optional) Then yell "ASPEN DENTAL!"


I'm right there with you!!! Would love to get in on class action suit.

Any way to get in on one please forward or post any info.... I'm sure hundreds of others would also..... i'd love the help.

Ive recently very recently been duped by them and lost my life's savings and also will make it my mission to help take them down. Help!!!


An assistant almost choked me to death with tray cement and told me to just relax