I went to Aspen Dental today, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I went to fix a broken tooth and need of a partial denture to restore the space. I could not believe the sales pitch I was given. The cost would rival the best dental practice in the world. The person that delivered the pitch was so rude,crude and insensitive in her presentation, She makes a car salesman look like a saint. I cannot imagine a senior citizen sitting before them to get affordable dentures. They would be twisted like they have never known before. I was told that "Dentures come first and then dental" with Aspen Dental. Big bucks insisted upon for their dentures. I could see her commission, Aspen profits streaming across this poor example of a financial advisors head.The hard sell pitch would make anyone cringe. I cannot for the life of me understand how they are in business. She became very aggressive when I asked questions in trying to understand where all this influx of information fits into my needs. They wanted pre-payment today of 80% for the root of that tooth to be taken out and the remaining 20% 2 days out at the time of removal. I left infuriated with this office mgr. and the practices I just witnessed.

Be afraid, be very afraid - STAY AWAY!!!

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