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I went to Aspen Dental over a month ago to have 8 teeth removed to be replace with dentures. One tooth was decayed to the root.

I was not provided antibiotics and ended up getting an infection. Did not receive an antibiotic until the 3rd day after I demanded a prescription. I still do not have fitting dentures. Every week I go back, the dentures still don't fit.

I have been out of work over a month due the pain & swelling. I work at a call center & my mouth is the tool I need to work with. The dentist did not fill out the leave from work paperwork correctly, so I still have not been paid under my short term disability insurance. This business is a scam PLEASE BEWARE.

I pray they are not billing my insurance company due to their mistakes.

I wish I had looked into them more before trusting them with my smile. The teeth they gave me make me look like a donkey.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not everyone who has extractions needs antibiotics. You probably had a dry socket or two, which needed irrigation and packing NOT antibiotics.As we tell patients all the time, extracting all teeth and making dentures is usually a big mistake.

Some patients can never adapt to them, even if I make dentures PERFECTLY. How much less easy it is when dentures are made haphazardly by corporate clip joints like A$pen!The best way to do it would have been extract all the teeth, get out all the surfacing bone chips, and let the jaw heal for 3 months before taking denture impressions.

When you don't do it that way, look at what you get!You can bet your bottom dollar your insurance company will be billed for every charge possible by this viper's nest of a dental chain corporation.Next time, go to an honest and competent independent dentist. I don't understand why so many people believe every TV ad they see.

@Seasoned Dentist

I had an abscess after the fact. You are right, I learned my lesson.

@Seasoned Dentist

It isn't always only about believing all the adds, its about the money. Aspen makes "too good to believe" promises and people like me believe that a "DENTIST" would not scam you.

But, this isn't about a "Dentist" this is about a Aspen Dental Company who have been sued by many States for fraudlent behavior. When you don't have insurance you become overwhelm with the thought of teeth removal and dentures and when a good deal comes along you jump.

I was left toothless and in large debt. They are criminals who need prosecution and to have their license removed.

@Anonymously anger

Trouble is, the neither the private equity investors that own the place nor the corporate executives that run the joint have any licenses to revoke by a board of dentistry. Which is why practice ownership by non-dentists is still illegal in most states.

A$pen just flaunts the law, or buys off politicians to keep the scam running. In the states where the Attorneys General slammed them, they just admitted no wrongdoing, paid the fines, and resumed the patient scams.