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Both my mom and I went to Aspen dental a month ago for various reasons. She needed dentures and I needed a cleaning.

They gave her dentures that don't fit (and never will no matter how much they work on them) and said that I had 7 cavities and needed lots of work.

Today, I went to another dentist because I knew there was no way I had 7 cavities with the amount I clean my teeth.

The other dentist said that the only issue I had was a little worn enamel on only TWO teeth. Not only that, they also said I had the healthiest teeth they've ever seen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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@TheStaunchReality, yes the quality of care will inevitably vary from office to office but you are entirely wrong in implying that the Aspen Dental corporate management is not to blame for the terrible quality of work done at Aspen Dental.

Aspen Dental is corporate dentistry. Read enough of the complaints on here from former employees and you will understand they have meetings daily pushing quota's. The financial manager is payed on commission. They are pressured to see too many patients and work too many hours, leading to poor quality workers and work.

Aspen Dental is a scam, and your reasoning that they have 300 offices therefore they are legitimate is absurd. In fact any dental practice with 300+ offices should elicit suspicion not confidence. They are a foreign owned CORPORATE dental chain. They are the Wal-Mart of dentistry.


The quality of the dental work really comes down to the individual office, folks. You can blame the company in general if you so desire, but at the end of the day, it's the people in the individual offices who are making the decisions.

It's silly to make a blanket statement about a company with roughly 300 offices nationwide because the quality of the treatment depends on the individual dentist and much of the quality of the experience depends on the particular front office. It's as if I tasted a bottle of tainted Coca-Cola and then stating that all Coca-Cola is bad.

I would debate that most dentists don't worry about the money when treatment planning- or at least don't need to. There is a faction of unscrupulous individuals in any field though- dentistry being no different. However, just because one dentist treatment plans 4 fillings and one recommends 1, does not mean the dentist who recommended less is right.

If you understand the diagnostic tools with which to diagnose decay (which in adults is most prevalent between the teeth and diagnosed via radiograph) then it becomes a matter of opinion based on the films.

I am not suggesting that seven fillings was correct and the dentist who recommended zero wasn't, but without reviewing the evidence, it's no more clear that the second dentist is correct or that he/she underdiagnosed.

to TheStaunchReality #1694682

In some cases, it is rumored that dentists in private practice may see cavities and avoid filling them until they reach the point of needing a crown and/or root canal. A waiting game gives them more bang for their buck.


The place is all about money. They don't care about your teeth. You are just another paying customer and the dentists are paid when they make more money for them......


Telling the truth does not make much money for Aspen - Does it.

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