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I have been a patient with Aspen Dental for three years. I bought the most expensive dentures they offered with a seven-year guarantee.

I have had teeth fall off these dentures once every two months since I have acquired them. Now they tell me instead instead of repairing my dentures I have to pay for a dental visit and then they will repair my dentures for free.

Well that's all well and fine but my guarantee is with my dentures not my mouth they are totally out of line promising something and then delivering another the only course of action I have is to get another dentist which I am going to do right now. Aspen Dental will no longer receive any more of my business and I hope they go bankrupt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This highly-indebted chain may indeed go bankrupt, if interest rates continue to rise.Here are the facts about the denture teeth coming out. Aspen uses a flexible nylon-like material in their dentures for no good reason other than to pry more money out of people.

The flexible material does not bond reliably to the denture teeth, so they often fall out. This material is hard to reline also.

There is nothing superior about it.Good luck getting an organized crime syndicate to honor any sort of warranty.Next time, choose a reputable independent dentist based on recommendations of people you actually know. Online reviews are doctored many times.

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