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I was lied to from the beginning by the sales rep when I asked if after having 11 upper teeth extracted would I be in minimal pain to keep my long scheduled business trip about two weeks after my extraction date. I was assured I'd be just fine.

This was a blatant lie unless the salesperson in the New Port Richey, FL location was clueless about what happens when many teeth...11 in my case are all pulled out at the same time. Needless to say, I was in such agony which no short term pain meds were ever offered. One of the most painful 24 hours of my life happened that August 2016 afternoon and sleepless night where I was in such massive pain, I was constantly soaked in a cold sweat. Plus they put in a temp upper which they said would aid in stopping my bleeding.

It did the exact opposite! My pain immediately lessened when I went back the following day as planned and the temp denture was taken out. Instant relief from extreme to tolerable. And before I left my visit after the temp denture was taken out.

I stopped the constant bleeding I had been doing from the time the teeth were removed and temp inserted. Less than 30 minutes I completely stopped bleeding from soaking through dozens of paper towel sheets I kept filling up with my blood from that afternoon, in the dentist waiting room, and until the temp denture wa taken out. I was never asked if I would prefer to have been put out or at least heavily drugged while the very difficult exactions. In the middle while numb and bleeding, I asked why I wasn't asked to be put out?

Answer..."You never asked us. Plus it would cost you more money." WTF?!?! As I began to heal, I complained about having shards of bone/ tooth slivers causing me great levels of pain. Dentist didn't seem to care about my pain or why I had so many 'splinters' coming out through my gums for more than a month after the extractions.

I even asked if he would leave my two crowned molars one upper and one lower. I told him those teeth aren't hurting me or rotting. They were the only molars I had to chew with. Salads which I always enjoyed, peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, etc.

ANYTHING requiring molars to chew has been taken from me. No impressions or direct answers I kept asking by November when would I ever get my partial bottom and full upper? I was told..."When your gums heal." I can say that my gums had finished healing by mid December. Yet it took until February for me to get impressions taken.

I asked how could they take impressions for my upper or lower without properly sitting teeth either upper of lower to bit down upon? Their answer was stupid which ignored that very simple fact. Then I first got my metal frame bottom partial. It didn't fit correctly and many adjustments were made.

Then as I tried to chew with the temp upper and my permanent lower partial proved to be impossible because I could not chew without searing and stabbing pain where my partial lower was supposed to sit and fit well enough to do. Then at one visit when I complained about how pointless the bottom didn't fit and caused great paid if I tried to chew. The tech stood in front of me using his bare hands, without ever heating up the metal, and snapped my lower metal frame in half. The dentist wanted ME to pay $1,000.00 for a replacement.

WTF?!?! That caused a very heated argument with me and demanded my money back IN FULL which Aspen Dental made me pay in full in advance back in August BEFORE they did a single thing. The local office TAKES your money, but if you want a refund, you're told it must coke from CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS of Aspen Dental. WTF?!?!

The place who TAKES my money should REFUND my money like everywhere else does, right?? After my argument and posted my thoughts and experiences which named names and told step by step what I went through and how much permanent damage had been done during the poor and irresponsible extraction of those 11 teeth. That pompous a-hol BANNED ME from his location and told me to drive to the next location over and hour drive north. I can barely walk, let alone go driving all over to places too far for my health.

But it was that or wait for them to get my refund approved and check mailed to me as my refund. Not a simple refund on the two credit cards I used to pay. Seems fishy to you? Sure is!

I since went to a different dentist to ask if what I had from Aspen could be made locking to four posts for my upper, and a better fitting and useful partial lower so I could eat foods more than mashed potatoes, creamed corn, cooked spinach, pasta, etc. I even bought a blender/chopper kitchen appliance so I could make a real salad, then run it through that processor just so I could still continue to have all the healthy foods included in a good salad. It's really lame to eat a salad a few notches short of being a liquid. Yuck!

Yet again another medical professional has gotten away with screwing me over and I'm unable to find an attorney to stick up for me in a malpractice trial. The other dentist I went to took a full set of X-rays of my mouth and the X-rays clearly show that all of my tooth sockets on the upper right side of my mouth had been broken. This means I can't even attempt to get implants unless I go through major reconstruction of both my full upper and partial bottom. And then do all the molds, etc.

after I healed from ELECTIVE DENTAL SURGERY is NOT covered by ANY insurance. I'm convinced the medical and legal professions have made some type of 'deal' NOT to take malpractice cases that isn't as obvious as death, removal of the wrong limb or other body part, or injuries from any type of accident. Am I the only one who noticed years ago that doctors stopped complaining about high malpractice insurance? Remember when it was in the news and many doctors were leaving states with the highest insurance, or retiring?

It's been more than 10 years or more that I can recall hearing about that major issue that threatened to destroy medical practices in such corrupt states such as the one I've been living in since 2001. Florida!! Anyone lose or have ANY type of insurance changed because the insurance company was losing too much money in payouts of some kind?

Now I'm stuck essentially toothless and completely unable to chew foods like salads, nuts, crunchy snacks, etc. Has justice been completely eliminated from this country??

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Incompetence & Malpractice.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Full set of implants after my mouth has been repaired..

I didn't like: Denistry, Being called a liar, Poor managment and cs, Inferior work ethics.

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I apprec You not bashing me, but I DID man up...however you having 20 dry socket conditions are YOUR fault for not keeping those deep holes clean with a syringe and saline solution as well as being careful what you eat. Now, that I didn't bash youThe POINT of my post is that as someone who had NO previous experience with dentures.

Had NO ONE to ask or consult other than the Aspen Dental staff. THE POINT YOU CLEARLY MISSED WAS THAT THEY LIED TO ME, DID A *** POOR JOB, RUINED MY UPPER BONE STRUCTURE SO BAD NOT EVEN COSMETIC OR ANY DENTAL SURGERY CAN FIX WHAT WAS DAMAGED BY INCOMPETENT DENTISTS!!! This is what I'm pissed about and to think these *** are still doing this same thing to hundreds to perhaps thousands across the entire Aspen Dental network in the USA. THIS IS WHAT *** ME OFF AND SHOULD NEVER BE TOLERATED!!!Does this extra info help you understand me, Mike?

I'll hope so. And about paying portion of your posting...I'm on disability since I was ruined by a medical doctors malpractice at the age of 22. And HE got away with what he did to me. So...I KNOW that most times in the world DO NOT get better care.

You just pay more for BETTER ODDS of getting better care. Does THIS seem like a fair trade of our lives for the medical industries profit?

And who is doing ANYTHING about correcting all the harm done to innocent people by the medical profession? Nobody!!

to nealvan557_70 #1498470

This is the problem when Wall Street investors own dental clinics instead of dentists. The ultimate goal is always maximizing the bottom line, NOT patient welfare.

The corporate executives can lean on their dentist-employees all they want for increased revenues. Yet when something goes wrong, it is the dentist who takes the fall for it. Many times dentists for these corporate clinics lose their licenses or even go to prison, and corporate executives like Robert Fontana waltz all the way to the bank!Want reform?

Demand your state legislators enforce your state statutes against non-dentists owning dental offices. State Boards of dentistry are understaffed and underfunded to deal with this huge problem.

to Seasoned Dentist #1498645

Putting people who have been causing the demise of American health system should all be executed, not put in jail where they'd get free food, free medical, and cable TV.I've been complaining about the decline of the American medical and dental systems due to MONEY replacing patient care as the NEW Oath sworn by doctors. These doctors are more like ambulance chasing lawyers instead of caring medical people who pits the care and health of the patient first.

I have been writing, I've been blogging, I've been doing all these things since the 1980s when the paradigm shifted more radically and with such speed it was as if America was turned into a third world country. Now over 30 years later...the USA has BECOME a third world country.

We train all around the world from terrorists to medical people using student visas. Then they either use their knowledge to HELP their home countries, OR use their learned American ways and schooled knowledge to cause harm against the very nation that trained them.Nothing will change for the better until the American public rises up and has another revolution or civil war.


Man up! I had 32 extractions that resulted in 20 dry sockets.

I pushed through. Dentures are a work in progress from the day you get them till the day they put you in the ground. In the end, you get what you pay for. If you go cheap, you get cheap.

(in service and quality). You want good service and top notch dentures? Go to a real prosthedontist and pay the real money.

I'm not gonna trash you or your situation. It SUCKS having major extractions in one sitting.

It heals slow and the bone shards take time to come out. I think the reality just happened to be different than your expectations.


God, I'm horrified and I hate Aspen for you and another Aspen dental survivor. You all should be getting official apologies and ya y'all need attorneys wth!

I hate dentists now, I'm really never gonna go NOW. OMG forget it. Like what about the better business bureau? Surely there is SOMEONE to represent you in a legal proceeeding.

Perhaps there's a class action suit, that would be better than nothing. So sorry.

to Ki #1637146

Totally horrified by all these stories of negligence and abuse. This company shouldn’t be in business.

Why are they able to get away with torturing innocent people?

They need to pay for what they’ve done to cause so much pain and suffering. God help us!


Not to add insult to injury, but WTF were you thinking going to a chain dental practice for MAJOR ORAL SURGERY???!!! The procedure you described should ONLY be done by an oral surgeon, AND ..

if your teeth were rotting, most dental plans DO cover oral surgery to remove them because rotting teeth can be a very serious [sometimes fatal] condition. Granted, the coverage may not be great depending on the company, but most do cover at least some of the cost.

As for the pain management - if the quack who ripped your teeth out isn't licensed as a surgeon, that would explain his not having written you a prescription for Percoset or Vicodin or something to help with the pain....

I really do empathize with you, but you have no doubt learned a very painful and expensive lesson. I'd recommend that you keep trying to find an attorney that will help you sue that place before they really do serious harm to someone else!

to Bradley J #1411868

I disagree. Many general dentists, especially ex-military ones like me, have a great deal of surgical experience and are fine for extracting teeth. The question was whether any thought was given to SAVING some teeth and making partials, rather than ripping them ALL out and making full dentures.

to ClydeDDS #1498309

Thought of, and I ASKED if I could have had crowns for two of the teeth removed because they weren't completely rotten inside. The dentist said NO.

He even removed a tooth I had that WAS crowned and not causing me ANY trouble which was an upper molar. I'd post my x-ray showing my teeth before the extraction. You can clearly see the crowned tooth I had and was horribly removed in pieces. That was the one that caused the dry socket even though I always keep all extractions sites clean.

As I wrote in my original post...I got out my Dental pick and pulled out the clot myself and instantly the severe pain stopped as all the infections ran out. After I flushed it several times with saline solution, it finally began to heal and close properly. I even saved the clot and brought it to the dental office to show the dentist as well as photos I took before and after I pulled it out. I have concrete PROOF the doctor did that as well as the entire procedure badly.

That was when he refused to see me, banned me from his office, and sent me 20 miles away to finish my dentures.I'll presume that is NOT how it's done in the military...correct me if I'm wrong...please. Thanks Doc.

to nealvan557_70 #1498564

Intact clots do not cause pain. They are essential for healing.

It is when a clot dies (often for no reason at all) that a dry socket happens.

Proper protocol is to flush out the debris and pack the empty socket with something that covers the exposed nerves.One thing we know: the harder the extraction, the higher the likelyhood of dry socket. Smoking also increases the chances of dry socket exponentially.Removing intact upper molars in adults is no picnic and why we always try to avoid extractions.

to ClydeDDS #1498647

Of you want to learn something you obviously are not aware of. Please give me an email address where I can send you the photos of what formed in that extra deep socket.

And what it looked like after I pulled it out. Otherwise, I suggest you learn a bit more about what your claim to know as fact.

to Bradley J #1415802

Well Bradley have you looked around lately? Practically every devoted practice, et al Drs and specialists as well....

it's all corporate. My kids orthopedic surgeon... corporate! Lol.

They over billed me over a grand. Damn near Took an act of Congress to get that ball rolling, Congress was very busy at the time with various committee hearings Benghazi, 30,000 disappearing emails blah blah blah. Lastly, your words "before they really do serious harm to someone else" wow. Ever notice how sometimes our own words slap us in the face?

Sheesh mister, hope you're in perfect health- head to toe!

You'll have your turn sometime no doubt! Choose your words-

to Ki #1431811

It is not "all corporate." There are plenty of independent dentists in every town I visit. When you select your dentists from TV ads or insurance list, you are much more likely to get a corporate serf dentist.

to Ki #1498311

Well said!

to Bradley J #1431810

A surgeon cannot prescribe any stronger pills than a regular dentist can. We all have the same DEA licenses.

This guy has no malpractice case.

He made the stupid decision of having most of his teeth yanked out.

You can argue that the post-op care wasn't the best, but the patient got what he wanted- extractions from a bottom-of-the barrel corporate clinic. Now he will pay for that mistake for years to come.

to ClydeDDS #1498318

Whose government *** {{redacted}} to have made such a stupid claim? Dentists CAN prescribe ANY derivative of morphine for short term pain relief...'JUST LIKE REGULAR DOCTORS CAN....BUT WON'T because of the BS propaganda in current fad about opioid deaths.

Just like the PROVEN BS supposed facts handed us back in the 1970s that Saccharine caused cancer. That was all a big lie to make way for the NEW sugar substitute Aspertame!!! If you're gonna make an *** outta might try getting your FACTS straight.If I'm's your chance to post links to where it says that doctors of any kind cannot prescribe GOOD painkillers.

I'll be looking for to learning your idea of the truth if you can PROVE it. Thanks and best of luck.

to nealvan557_70 #1498568

Severe pain warrants INTERVENTION, not refills of opioids. Opioids are for short-term use after surgery, not to "treat" dry sockets.

The DEA is monitoring our opioid prescriptions very closely. Wal-Mart announced the other day that it will not honor narcotic prescriptions for more than a small number of pills.

to ClydeDDS #1498651

Did I say it was for dry socket pain? No.

Did I say specifically it was a short term pain relief from the agony of the multiple extractions I had? Yes. Have you proved that you don't actually understand what you read and are part of the problem with medical people?

*** Yes!Since the doc gave me nothing. I'm smart enough to know that Clove Oil is the best pain reliever not found on the BS AMA drug 'hit list' for completely BS reasons.

to Bradley J #1498304

To answer your first remark...I'm on disability and can't afford a REAL dentist and NO AGENCY you mention gave a damn about my rotten teeth condition. I asked for assistance to get a REAL dentist and I was blown off by EVERY agency claiming to help those in medical/dental need.I'd love for you to post links to any & all links to whatever agencies you're thinking of that you claim would have helped me. I'd like to know if it was one I contacted before I went to Aspen Dental Butchers.

to nealvan557_70 #1498899

You neglected your teeth for years, and now want someone else to fix you up for a song. You are right- no agency gives a damn about your rotten teeth because you let them get that way, and no one else. I am no dentist, but operating a dental or medical practice costs a lot of money, even if the doc is making no profit.

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