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Out of desperation, I took a job with Aspen Dental. I'm a registered dental hyggienist with 12 years experience.

This company is NOT a dental health care facility. They are only interested in money. The people they hire to manage the offices do not have any dental knowledge.

Aspen trains them to follow their rules and to treat every patient as a whole not an individual. Everyone has periodontal disease and multiple cavaties.

Hygienist are forced to perform unnecessary procedures and sell products patients don't need. The more you sell, the larger your commision is.

Patients are pressured to sign outragously costly treatment plans and insurances are being raped. They are told they will loose their teeth if they don't do the treatment plan.

I was fired after 3 months for insubordination. The above is a fraction of the problems and conditions with Aspen.

Anyone out there interested in any lawsuit, count me in. Since I was dismissed from the Warwick,RI office, 5 other employees have left, but no one is interested in blowing the whistle.

Aspen Dental needs to be stopped!!

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Dont ever work for this company .Horriblr place.They think patients are just piece of meat to make money off of.

Managing staff have no dental experience nor they are dentists but keep pushing dentists for more money

Thsy push dentists to overtretment plan and they want a dentist to sell atleast tratment worth$ 2500-$3000 to each patient that walks into the door .They want you to convince patients to get their teeth pulled and get dentures bcoz they are in denture business

If a dentist can sell most expensive treatments and make more money even though his work is a piece of *** he gets promoted as all the managing staff are a********* and have no clue about dentistry

They push you to see 30-35 patients a day which is very unrealistic .They use you until you burnout physically and then they hire someone new and kick you out .

Their employee turnover is unbelievable .I wonder how they are still in business inspite of being so unethical .


I am glad I am not the only one thinking this way, Aspen dental is horrible, they try to squeez money out as much as possible. I has no problem and one day on my schedule cleaning I was told I can not get regular cleaning and I need deep cleaning costing $500 and they will use antibiotic as well the will cost $200.

I thought I should see peridontist before that and he told me I don't need any at all. I agree even their billing girl told me I can not get regular cleaning as "car can not be buffed if it need painting" not sure what that mean, but I totally agree they are all about money, stay away


I recently took my kids into Aspen to try it out. We normally go to our community health clinic which is part of local hospital.

This place was interested in money not my children's teeth. They told me I needed $400 after insurance for 2 fillings. We have excellent dental insurance so that was WRONG!

I took my son back to our regular dentist & come to find out Aspen missed 3 more cavaties! That place is a joke!

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