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My experience with Aspen Dental has been a painful and an unbelievable nightmare. I had a front fractured tooth that was infected.

I agreed to have them remove it on November 21 with their so called "experienced qualified" oral surgeon that was to remove the tooth, place a bone graft and implant in if possible. The implant was never placed in ( too infected) but he had place the bone graft in. After three visits in one week to the young dentist at Aspen she assured me that it was doing fine and to give it another week to heal , ( see photo) Also, the oral surgeon could not follow up because there was a lack of business for him in that MA office for December 6. I had a down payment of 1600 for the implant, bone graft etc, I asked for a 2nd opinion and sure it enough the bone graft was infected and all had to removed at my expense .

As soon as it was removed i felt better and could eat and sleep. If I had a waited for the follow up visit a month later on December 27th- I would have ended up in the hospital. I understand things happen but I do not understand no follow up especially when I kept telling them I thought something was wrong.

After much pain and suffering, and toothless I am working out of the house and recovering. Worse experience ever at age 61 and would NEVER NEVER Go to Aspen again ( I was refunded my deposit)

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: pay reimbursement to have the removal of the infected bone graft $770.

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Don't know what the first dentist was thinking. If there is active infection YOU CANNOT HAVE EITHER AN IMPLANT OR A BONE GRAFT PLACED.

It will fail. Sometimes it is possible to put the patient on antibiotics for about a week, clear the infection, and do the bone graft.

Also if the implant cannot be placed and only a graft is done, the waiting time on the upper arch is about 5 months before the graft integrates enough to do the implant. Before that, the graft is just soft mush and will not hold an implant.

Getting a complicated thing like a graft, implant, and implant crown done at A$pen is like trying to get a jet turbine engine rebuilt at a local brake & muffler shop. It's the wrong place for the job.

PLEASE find and experienced older dentist who owns his own practice if you want the treatment done correctly.

Believe me, the slightest error in implant placement will make a big difference in the result. Making the gums look good around an implant site in the very front is one of the hardest types of cases we dentists do.

@Seasoned Dentist

Thank you

I know hopeful it is not too late

I may just do s bridge now

Gums are messed up