I was cut on the inside of my cheek that it honestly felt like a skin graft had been done- Now I happen to have way too much anxiety just to be there -but to get cut and told you will be sore did not indicate to me extreme pain for almost a week. I could not get a return call from a dentist and I had to see my primary care doc to get some healing dental paste.

I was really hoping to get my teeth in tip top shape again. I am dissapointed in the way I was handled after I signed my life away on the credit plan.

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My dad is trying to make me go to this place because his friends like it. I read the horror stories on many sites...

and I have basically refused to go to the dentist unless we get it changed. Even worse, the only dentists remotely near where I live that are covered by insurance are Aspen Dentals.

I fear for my parents' teeth. I don't want their teeth mutilated by the quacks that flunked out of dental school.

***, I've already basically said that I'm not going to the dentist unless I go to a REAL dentist that actually knows what they're doing. Can any of you please give me a convincing argument to not have their mouths mutilated by the Hostel of Dentistry?


I went to Aspen Dental in Portsmouth N.H. I've paid over $5,000 to have just an upper denture and a back up set.

they messed up my back up set. Then told me they would Hard re-line my Temperary denture and I could use that. Well I just had it done asked them several times before they did it if the front of the teeth would be affected the assured me they were just filling the inside. I went back to pick them up and they Ruined my teeth they covered the teeth with artificial gum on one front tooth and the tooth next to it way too much making the teeth look absurd.

Then while I was crying telling them that they had made the mistake the kept telling me it was in my head and nothing was wrong and at first was refusing to fix it!Until I brought a friend from the car that also told them that's not how my teeth were. I never had anyone speak to me like that. I thought Aspen was supposed to be a place where you go to find your smile. I couldn't stop crying and they all stuck together calling me the one who was lieing.

Wow I'm still tramatized while I type this it just happened not only that but the hard re-line they did was WRONG I couldn't even keep the denture in my mouth while I talked it kept falling out....They didn't get the Re-line right and messed up the cosmetic look to boot! I asked to speak to a manager and the man who did it said he was the owner the same one who was making me cry. NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL AT ALL! I'M DISCOURAGED!

I told them I prayed the whole day that it would come out allright and they even continued to mock me about my religion by saying We'll pray "we'll pray it come out right this time" I thought we really was gonna pray we were all standing there together but they were just mocking me. NOT NICE PEOPLE AT ALL! Just like the people said above it is true they take their job like a joke obviously and cause they already got paid for my services they don't care how quick or half fast they do my teeth or anyones for that matter. Dr.

Park was the man that did mine & made me cry along with his hygentist and helper in the dental lab. You can reach me at kdeyo@yahoo.com


You're lucky you survived. They killed a patient in Illinois and are now trying to cover it up

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